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CBD Parrot Treats

CBD Parrot Treats

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Help your feathered friend with Relievet's one-of-a-kind Two-Ingredient treats! Most birds love our two-ingredient pineapple treats, making for exceptionally easy dosing. Made only with organic pineapple and organic hemp.
    • Helps birds of all ages
    • Discourages feather-plucking
    • Great for birds of every species and size
    • Vet approved
    • Encourages relaxation
    • Relieves occasional discomfort
    • Made specifically for birds (Broad-Spectrum)
    • Scientific dosing
    • Tasty!
    • Small batches hand-made in America
    • Free shipping over $30
    • Money-back guarantee!


    Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract:

    We source the finest Organically grown US hemp plants to create this extract rich in CBD, CBDV, CBC, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is C02 extracted and then goes through a state-of-the-art organic process to filter down THC levels naturally without the separation of cannabinoids.


    100% natural pineapple. No fillers, or anything artifical.

    Dosage Guidelines

    1. Weigh your bird and use our CBD Dosage calculator for birds to determine how much to give your bird.

    2. Give your bird treats as needed up to a maximum of three times daily (every 8 hours).

    Dose Name cbd [mg/kg] cbd [mg/lb]
    regular 2mg/kg 0.91mg/lb
    high 4mg/kg 1.82mg/lb

    Note - Can be fed dry as a treat, crumbled onto food as a topper, or rehydrated with a touch of water and added to your pet’s food bowl.

    Not intended to be fed as a complete diet. Always provide your bird plenty of water with any treat.

    If you or your vet have any questions about dosage, get in touch!

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    CBD Treats for birds dosage calculator

    How much does your bird weigh?

    How strong a dose does your bird require?

    Enter your bird's weight above to begin

    CBD Treats recommendations (scroll right to see more)

    CBD Parrot Treats

    One dose:

    1x daily will last:

    2x daily will last:

    • Money-back guarantee

    • Vet Approved

    • Lab Tested

    • Made in USA

      Made In USA

    is cbd safe for pets bird with treats

    What are CBD treats for parrots, cockatiels, and conures?

    You might have heard about CBD for people or even dogs, but CBD for parrots is still relatively uncommon. Why? Up until now, the only CBD products that have existed for birds have been CBD oils, making them difficult to administer (with all but the most cooperative participants) and near enough impossible to get an accurate dose.

    We’ve solved that problem with the first-ever CBD treats for Parrots. These treats are a little more special than that, too; they have only two ingredients, pineapple and CBD. They are also small, and there are a lot of them, making it easy to get an accurate and effective dose.

    Our proprietary freeze-drying process allows us to keep in all the good stuff, like CBD, nutrients, and fatty acids, without using any artificial colors, flavors, GMO’s, additives, or preservatives.

     As with our other products, these CBD treats for birds are made with non-intoxicating CBD from legal hemp plants grown in the USA. So you don’t have to worry about getting arrested for your bird to benefit.


    Buying the correct CBD treats for Parrots, Cockatiels, Conures is important because of their small size and sensitivity to cannabinoids.

    Make sure you buy from a reliable provider with easy access to components and lab results. We strongly advise you to check the results; if they aren't recent, conducted by a third party, or correct, you should steer clear.

    We pride ourselves on transparency and quality; if you have any questions about our products, we encourage you to reach out and talk to a member of our team.

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    What can they do?

    To put it simply, our birds have a system that can interact with CBD, giving it the ability to influence how they handle things like pain, anxiety, appetite, and stress.

    CBD can help bring them back into balance to reach homeostasis when their system gets out of whack.


    Yes, these CBD treats are safe for birds. But make sure you don’t just give any CBD product to your bird; they are a lot smaller than us, so you should only take products designed for them from a reputable company.

    There are no studies on the safety of CBD treats for parrots, cockatiels, or conures; however, there are many on other animals, including chickens, which have shown CBD to have a good safety profile. Even at ridiculously high dosages, also there haven’t been any recorded deaths from CBD in humans or animals, ever.

    In the wild, birds will eat hemp seeds. It is also a fact that a few species prefer hemp seeds over other seeds. Birds are naturally non-exclusive eaters meaning they go where the food is abundant, accessible, safe, and tasty.

    Birds are often seen around cannabis plants, usually eating seeds or insects. Most of these insects eat the greenery on the plant, which contains CBD.

    cbd bird treats for parrots cockatiels and conures dosage

    How many CBD treats can you give birds?

    We print a really simple and accurate dosage table on our CBD parrot treats; look up your bird’s weight, and you’ll see our dosage recommendation. Start on the low end, and increase every few days until you see results.

     Birds are small and generally more sensitive than us. So you must weigh them to make sure you’re getting the right dose.


    In most cases, CBD will have little or no side effects, and if there are any, they are mild and reversible by simply reducing the dose.

    Possible side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, lethargy, and an upset stomach. Research and real-world data have shown CBD is generally safe to take for humans and animals. 

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    cbd bird treats for parrots cockatiels and conures

    CBD for parrots, cockatiels, and conures who hurt themselves

    CBD can help maintain your parrot’s physical and mental well-being, and anxiety is one of the main reasons parrots hurt themselves.

    Anxiety disorders lead to compulsive conduct and may be caused by genetics, traumatic events, or a lack of stimulation.

    Since CBD interacts with your parrot’s systems that help modulate a wide range of physiological processes, including mood, it may be able to provide some comfort for anxious birds.


    We can’t say if CBD will cure feather plucking in birds, as while CBD could help, that would depend on the root cause of the issue. For example, CBD could promote a sense of calm and help if it's anxiety-related. However, if a parasite causes it, you need to go to the vet for treatment. 

    cbd bird treats for parrots cockatiels and conures

    CBD for stressed birds

    Yes, CBD can promote relaxation in stressed birds!

    CBD’s interactions with bodily systems in humans have been shown to boost serotonin levels and appears to have a similar impact to antidepressants, without the same dangerous side effects. Since CBD works similarly in birds, you can expect similar results.

    Stress is known to cause serious problems in birds. It has been noted that stressed-out birds will take more risks than relaxed birds. It seems counterintuitive for stressed birds to take risks, but corticosterone is released to help tackle stress by encouraging survival behaviors. CBD has been observed to reduce cortisol in humans. Cortisol is the mammal counterpart to corticosterone.


    CBD has demonstrated its ability to influence the way we feel pain, especially chronic pain, and based upon this, it’s safe to say it has the potential to do the same in parrots.

    Pain hinders the quality of life in all animals. Currently available treatments, generally opioids and anti-inflammatory drugs, are not always the answer for smaller animals like birds.

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