Biscuit’s Story

Chris Kjølseth, CEO | Relievet - August 28th 2022

I was unprepared for what would happen to my dog, Biscuit. 

To say she lived an active life would be an understatement. She was a scrappy rescue with a heart of gold, the kind that liked to break up fights at the dog park.

Ever since she was a puppy, she’d spend her days running and playing. I’d take her on walks, to the beach, and dog parks. She would dig holes at the beach until I made her stop.

Unfortunately, at age 10, she started to limp after trips to the beach. It broke my heart to see her in pain doing what she loved the most.

I started feeding her a raw food diet and added high-quality supplements to ensure her nutritional needs were met.

Unfortunately, while she loved the food, the limping persisted.

My first thought was to go to the vet, and with a registered vet tech in my family, one was only a phone call away. The vet looked over Biscuit and said she was likely limping due to joint inflammation. She gave us something to help. 

Her limping stopped, and she was in less visible pain. For the first week, it seemed that this was the solution…

However, a few days later, It was to my absolute shock that she snapped at Gravy, my other dog, when eating dinner. She had never done this before, so I guessed this was due to what we’d given her. This was not a side effect I (or Gravy) was willing to live with.

I went back to the vet and explained what happened. The vet suggested I look into hemp based CBD.

From what I could tell it was natural, relatively low cost, and it seemed to have the potential to help her. I figured I'd give it a try. 

The first product I found was hemp oil. I was able to get 15,000,000mg of "hemp" for only 24.95. What a deal!

It arrived the next day. The bottle was small, and the only ingredient was “hemp seed oil”. The liquid had a green tint to it and a nutty smell. I pulled some up into the dropper and gave her some. 

Unfortunately.... Despite the company saying it “provides hip and joint support,” it did nothing. 

Even though CBD comes from the hemp plant, I realized that maybe my mistake was buying a product labeled “hemp” and not “CBD.” 

This time I bought one that said CBD on the label, it had 150mg of CBD in it. I know for sure because I checked the lab results posted online. This was sure to work. 

It arrived a few days later. This oil was brown, and the smell was earthy. 

The dose was generic to all sizes of animals. The instructions said to give her a full dropper of the oil, so I did. 

While I appreciated the simplicity, it didn't work for her. 

Biscuit was still suffering, and I felt bad that I hadn't been able to help her. She didn't understand that she was getting older, and needed to slow down, it was my responsibility to help her.

I was a little discouraged as I threw the 150mg CBD bottle in the trash. Biscuit was not discouraged though! Even with her worsening limp she demanded we play fetch. 

Her attitude inspired me to start digging into the research on CBD. I was not ready to give up, and luckily, I had a little savings from a previous business, which gave me some time.  

It was time for research. And well, there was a lot of it. There were more than 12,000 results for CBD on the national library of medicine (pubmed), stretching back to 1928. 2,600 of which included animals. 

To put that in perspective, Gabapentin has about 8,500 results, Trazodone has 2,400, and Carprofen has 750 (these are common animal medications). 

I spent 6 months reading every study I could find, and what I found out will likely save you a lot of time and money, if you're thinking of trying CBD for your pet.

The first, and probably most important, thing I noticed was that CBD’s benefits were only demonstrated above a certain dose, and that dose was dependent on the weight of the animal. It's called weight-based dosing, and it means that a 50-pound dog needs ten times more CBD than a 5-pound dog to see the same results.

This explains why that second product I tried didn't work, even though it contained CBD. It might have worked if my dog was only 5 pounds, but Biscuit was a sturdy 45lbs. 

The next thing I noticed, even though many of the early studies did not mention it, was that there are different types of CBD. They are all made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant. 

Broad Spectrum contains all plant parts without THC, Full Spectrum contains the whole plant profile, including trace amounts of THC, and CBD Isolate is just CBD. 

The plant parts in hemp, including CBD, all have different effects, and some of the more recent studies suggested that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (with some exceptions).

One thing that wasn't mentioned in any of the studies I read was hemp seed oil. It's made from the seeds of the hemp plant. So, even though you could call it “hemp oil”, it would be more accurate to call it “hemp seed oil,” and it's not the same as CBD oil at all!

While it has been studied (it appears 196 times on pubmed), its benefits are mostly nutritional

This brings me to my confusion in finding a product for Biscuit earlier. 

All supplements are limited in what they can say about the effects of their products, regardless of what they contain or how likely they are to work. They can say things like “promotes a sense of calm”, “creates a sense of wellbeing”, and “provides hip and joint support” (you might remember that one from earlier).

Our resident pharmacist, James, has since informed me that these are called “fluffy claims.” Which seems appropriate since this is a story about my dog.

Only approved drugs are allowed to make health claims, which is a good thing! 

However, it makes it nearly impossible to tell If a supplement has any chance to help your dog, or if it’s just hollow marketing. 

After everything I had learned, I was convinced that the right CBD product could very likely help Biscuit.

A broad-spectrum CBD product made the most sense, containing the whole plant parts without THC. 

Coconut MCT oil seemed like the best choice for the carrier oil to mix the CBD to the right strength because it has a mild taste, stays liquid at room temperature, and is easily absorbed by the body before being burned off as energy. 

I also wanted it to be organic. I’m not the kind of person who only buys organic, but when it comes to CBD, organic is important. Because of the way CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, knowing what is used to extract it is organic is a big deal. It is also a big deal to know that no inorganic pesticides or fertilizers ever came into contact with it, from seed to sale. 

What I wanted was pretty specific, I know, but that's where the research led me. I wanted the best for Biscuit. 

But that CBD product did not exist. This had me wandering, was this something I could make?

I spent countless hours working with chemists and veterinarians to make sure I was sourcing the best ingredients and that I got the dosage right.

By the end, I had a CBD oil I was happy with, but I wasn't ready to give it to Biscuit.

It was time for testing: human testing. Thankfully, no humans were harmed (CBD is extremely safe).

It was Biscuit's turn. She lapped it right up. Then it was time for the real test: we went to the beach.

I sat down, and Biscuit immediately got to work digging what ended up being a ten-foot trench. She was careful to ensure the sand landed directly on me, which wasn’t surprising. The surprise came when we got home, and she went to jump out of the car.

She didn’t hesitate, and she didn’t stumble like she had been doing for the past months. The next day, she was walking normally, with no limp.

The CBD oil worked!

She was a happy dog, with as much energy as when she was years younger.

I believe my Organic Broad Spectrum CBD oil helped her live life to the fullest, and I like to think it kept her active until she was almost 15 years old. Taking CBD oil twice a day became part of her routine. I like to think she knew it helped. 

I wanted others to know the truth and possibilities of the right CBD product, especially after the challenges I faced trying to find one for Biscuit. I didn’t want fellow pet parents to waste their time and money, and most importantly, I didn’t want their pets to suffer. 

That's how Relievet was born.

While Biscuit has since passed, I now make the products she inspired for all sizes of dogs, cats, horses, and even birds. They come in different concentrations, so no matter what size of animal you have, you can provide them with the right amount of CBD without having to give them a gallon of oil! 

Our products have helped tens of thousands of animals over the last 6 years, which you can see in these testimonials.

My team and I have also written extensively about the benefits of CBD for animals, which we share online in the hopes that it can help others. 

If you've made it this far, you probably have an animal in your life that you consider a part of the family, just like Biscuit was to me. 

If you think they might be able to benefit from CBD, here's what I suggest doing:

Select the product below that matches your animal type, then scroll down and put their weight in the usage calculator.

This will tell you two things:

  1. How much you’ll need to give them (for most dogs, the regular dose twice a day is best)
  2. How long the bottle will last.

With this information, you can pick the one that best suits your pet and get started. 

When it arrives, you'll see I offer usage guidelines specific to your pet because birds, cats, dogs, and horses are very different and have different needs. 

I suggest using it consistently for at least three months, as studies have suggested its effects can increase over time

And if it doesn't help, I don't want to take your money. That's why I have a guarantee

But it's not the kind of guarantee where you have to spend 6 hours on the phone with automated systems and then send a letter to get your money back. You can just call a real person, and it’ll be handled right away.

Thanks for reading. If this leaves any questions unanswered, feel free to reach out. I'd love to help in any way I can.

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