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About Us

Trust us with your pet family

We're paw-ssionate about pups, crazy about cats, and serious about high quality natural pet health.  


What makes us different?

Pets are not an afterthought at Relievet! Everything we make is designed from the ground up, for them. Our products are made with the highest quality natural human grade ingredients in our state of the art lab and cleanroom in San Diego. Every word you read on this website has been verified accurate by our expert panel of veterinarians.   

Vet Approved

We work with veterinarians and PHD chemists to ensure every word and product we release is accurate and safe for your pet family.

Human Grade Ingredients

We don't believe in low quality fillers and animal grade ingredients. When you shop at Relievet you can be confident that you are getting the best human grade ingredients for your pets. 


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of natural pet health by using innovative manufacturing processes and exciting new ingredients. 


Our goal is to be the best resource for animal health on the planet, with a science based focus on natural alternatives. From our content to our products, everything you'll find at Relievet is vet and pet approved.

Pets are family, and they deserve the best. That's why we manufacture our products with only human grade ingredients in our custom built manufacturing facility in San Diego.

Every batch of every
product we produce is accurately labeled, made with legal industrial hemp, third party lab tested, and the results are published as we believe in full transparency.

- Chris Kjolseth - Relievet Founder


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