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How Do I Calm My Dog During Fireworks?

Nali Macklin - June 26th, 2020


Want your dog to enjoy the 4th of July as much as you do? We do, so we have put together this list of things you can do to help your dog cope with fireworks on the 4th of July.

Before seeking out prescription drugs like Trazodone for firework anxiety, we recommend you try out some healthy and natural choices first.  


This one might seem obvious, but it's important, so we are going to talk about it anyway. Take your dog for a long walk, run, hike, or any activity to get out that excess energy. Once tired, your dog will be in a more relaxed state for the rest of the day.

Much like humans, dogs need balance in their life to be well rounded and positive. But that's not the only thing they have in common with humans; they also need interactions with other dogs to make them feel balanced.

Take them to the dog park or invite one of their dog friends over for a play date. After playing, they will be in a happier frame of mind.

Background noise will help mask the loud noises fireworks create. Consider leaving the TV or stereo on to create a relaxing environment for your dog. Get some tips for reading your dog's body language here.

If you can, it's best to stay home and be with your dog while the fireworks are going off. We know this isn't always possible, but having you, their best friend in the whole world there for them would certainly make the experience less scary.

Calm State Of Mind
For some dogs, keeping your mind and body language calm around your dog will be enough to keep them calm as well throughout the big fireworks displays.

In the most severe cases, when none of the above methods seem to work, your vet might prescribe a drug like Xanax for dogs to help with anxiety. 

cbd oil for dogs

Are there any Natural remedies you can give your dog to help them stay calm?

Now that you are ready to go with an action plan for this holiday, CBD Oil for Dogs is one option you might want to discuss with your vet.

You can give your dog CBD Oil for Dogs half an hour before you expect the fireworks to start, and when your dog is calm. Studies have explored CBD's potential to influence anxiety in people and animals, and the results, so far, have been mostly positive. 

More research is needed to fully understand if CBD can help dogs with anxiety. 

You should never give anything to your dog without consulting your veterinarian, as only they have the ability to properly diagnose the issue. 


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