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MCT Oil for Dogs

Jason Jones, MBA - October 28th 2021

 Accuracy Review: Nicole Wanner, DVM - November 4th 2021
MCT Oil for Dogs

MCT oil may provide the health benefits dogs have needed for a long-time. MCT has no taste and can be used in various food preparations such as baked goods, coffee, dressings, smoothies, and directly on dog food.

This blog examines MCT oil for dogs, the difference between it and coconut oil, the benefits,  its effect on seizures, dosages, and how to choose MCT oil for your dog. 

Table Of Contents

  • What is MCT Oil?
  • Is MCT oil the same as coconut oil
  • Benefits of MCT Oil
  • MCT oil for dogs with seizures
  • How much MCT oil do I give my dog?
  • How do I choose an MCT oil for my dog   
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What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a supplement based on a type of good fat called medium-chain triglycerides. MCT has smaller molecules than long-chain triglycerides, making them easier to digest. The body can absorb MCTs faster than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides), bringing energy to the body more quickly.

MCT oil is produced using coconut or palm kernel oil. The process of breaking down the fat is fractionation. Fractionation separates the MCT from the original substance, leaving only the concentrated MCT.

Is MCT oil the same as coconut oil

MCT oil differs from coconut oil in that MCT oil only has medium-chain triglycerides, while Coconut oil contains both MCT and LCT.

The two are closely associated but have minute differences, the biggest of which being that the LCT’s in coconut oil cause it to solidify at room temperature, while MCT oil does not.

Benefits of MCT Oil

There are numerous benefits MCT oil may offer. Here is a list of a few key advantages:

  • Brain – MCT helps dogs make ketones, an energy source for the brain. 
  • Obesity – MCT has hormones that can encourage the feeling of fullness peptide YY and leptin. 
  • Skin Health – Dog owners use MCT oil for skin health by adding it to food or directly applying it to hot spots or irritations. Relievet CBD Hot Spot and Itchy Skin Soothing Balm for Dogs allows easy application in a convenient tube. 
  • Improve Digestion - MCTs do not require enzymes or stomach acids for digestion and absorption. MCTs can go straight to the liver for rapid digestion and absorption of energy or ketones. 
  • May Reduce the number and severity of seizures – Discussed in next section
  • Lower blood sugar levels - MCTs lessen fat storage and increase fat burning. Leading to lower blood sugar levels. 
  • Reduce chronic inflammation – MCT oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce chronic inflammation. Arthritis occurs form inflammation and Osteoarthritis is a growing concern for pet owners and veterinarians.   
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial – The BioMed Research Center (Montreal) wrote diets enriched with MCT oil can be used to manage metabolic disease through microbiota modification.  

MCT oil for dogs with seizures

A dog seizure is a traumatic event for the dog and the owner. There are different types of attacks, including Focal, Psychomotor, Idiopathic Epilepsy, and Grand Mal seizures in dogs.

The Department of Clinical Science and Services, Royal Veterinary College conducted a study in which twenty-eight dogs suffering from seizures were given MCT oil. There were improvements in seizure control during the study. The study also stated a reduction in monthly reported seizures and the number of days an episode occurred.

 Currently, studies are showing dogs who suffer from seizures may benefit from additional MCTs in their diet.

How much MCT oil do I give my dog?

Veterinarians indicate the need to start slowly with MCT oil, giving you time to monitor how your dog reacts.

Dog Size in Pounds (lbs.)
After two weeks of successful lower dosage MCT oil use
Dosage mL (Milliliters)
105 mL
2010 mL
3015 mL
4020 mL
5025 mL

How do I choose an MCT oil for my dog   

Consult with your veterinarian for professional advice before adding MCT oil to your dog’s diet. If you decide to add MCT oil, then here are some guidelines you can follow:

  • Read labels for product quality & ingredient list
  • Buy researched backed brands
  • Buy products formulated for dogs, not humans
  • Ask your veterinarian if they have suggestions on products

If you want to add the powerful combination of CBD and MCT to your dog’s diet, we offer a CBD oil for dogs made with fractured coconut oil (MCT).

MCT oil rapidly carries the CBD to the bloodstream, supplying a greater concentration for absorption. CBD is fat-soluble compound, which is best absorbed when taken with a medium-chain triglycerides. MCT allows CBD to circumvent the first pass metabolism process.  

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Accuracy Review by:
Dr. Nicole Wanner is a veterinarian and published scientific researcher. She studies the effects of CBD as a Ph.D. candidate.
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