CBD for Aggressive Dogs

Key Takeaway: Aggression in dogs can be characterized as defensive, fear, frustration, pain, possessive, protective, predatory, redirected, sex, social, and territorial. CBD oil may offer aggressive dogs a reprieve from the roots of aggression.


Aggressive dogs can be scary and dangerous. Of course, an aggressive Pomeranian may not trigger fear, but a Rottweiler acting the same way can be frightening. However, even small dogs have been known to cause damage if pushed in that direction.

Why do dogs get aggressive, and is there anything we can do to quell their emotions during these tumultuous times?

This blog gets the leash around the causes of aggression, CBD oil for aggressive dogs, CBD oil vs. Prozac, CBD dosage, and the best CBD oil for aggressive dogs.


There are several different reasons a dog gets aggressive. Aggression is often categorized as defensive, fear, frustration, pain, possessive, protective, predatory, redirected, sex, social, and territorial aggression. Any of these aggressions may set off a normally calm and gentle dog.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are responsible for the dog's actions.

Fortunately, there is help through training, medications, and natural alternatives such as CBD oil for dogs.


CBD oil may offer aggressive dogs a reprieve from the roots of aggression.

There are some studies that relate to CBD and its impact on dog behavior.

A study conducted in Italy applied either CBD oil or olive oil to dogs and then monitored aggressive behavior towards humans. The dogs receiving the CBD oil had aggressive behavior towards humans decrease significantly over time. The dogs that received the olive oil did not show reduced aggression towards humans.

Another study published by a group of Brazilian scientists found that CBD can help decrease aggression in mice via serotonin receptors and the endocannabinoid system. As with all other mammals, mice have a similar ECS system to dogs and are good examples of the potential of CBD in other animals.

These studies show that CBD oil works for aggressive dogs, but more large-scale research needs to be done to prove once and for all that CBD reduces aggression in dogs.


There are many behavioral drugs to treat aggressive dogs. They are usually human drugs used off label by veterinarians, meaning much like CBD, they are not FDA approved for use in dogs.

One of the more prescribed drugs is Prozac (fluoxetine). Prozac is an SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) used to treat various behavioral disorders in dogs and cats. A survey from 2016 noted that 83% of veterinarians had prescribed Prozac to cats and dogs. CBD oil and Prozac may have similar outcomes when applied to behavioral issues. However, medications often have some side effects owners need to consider before using.

  • CBD oil side effects in dogs - While the side effects of CBD for dogs are rare, they are still possible, and owners should be aware of them before buying CBD for their dog so that they can adjust the dosage if necessary.

    1. Dizziness
    2. Dry Mouth
    3. Itchiness
    4. Lethargy
    5. Low Blood Pressure
    6. Tremors
    7. Upset Stomach
    8. Vomiting

    It is generally expected that CBD side effects will last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Furthermore, there is no record of a dog dying from CBD.
  • Prozac side effects in dogs

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Incoordination
    3. Hypersalivation
    4. Panting
    5. Restlessness
    6. Shaking
    7. Whining/vocalization
    8. Weight loss

    Prozac has serious side effects, including seizures, aggression, and excessive/persistent vomiting. According to the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists, 100mg/kg will cause lethality in dogs, and 50 mg/kg will do the same in cats.


Below is a summary from our main dosage article, located here.

One of the biggest challenges when using CBD for dogs with aggression is finding the correct dosage. CBD dosage can change if you are using oil or a treat due to the way it’s absorbed into your dog’s system.

  • CBD Oil Dosage -
    We suggest starting low, using 1-3 mg/kg for aggressive dogs. If the dog has extremely bad behavioral issues, you may end up using the higher end of that range. This dosage is based on all available research on CBD for dogs and has been approved by multiple expert veterinarians.
  • CBD Chews/Treats Dosage -
    The recommended dosage of CBD chews or CBD oil is different because of the metabolism process which occurs when they are digested, which lowers the amount of CBD getting to the bloodstream. So, to get the required amount to the bloodstream through digestion, a dog should take 3-6mg CBD/kg of CBD chews or CBD treats, or CBD oil that’s been swallowed.


The best CBD oil for aggressive dogs will be produced with 100% natural ingredients, including CBD oil and MCT oil. We have found that the benefits from MCT oil are too profound to ignore. It may be the perfect combination of CBD and carrier oil.







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