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  • The best way to restrain a cat to clip its nails

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    This blog "tears into" the best methods to restrain your cat to clip its nails and explores some natural ways to calm your cat before clipping.
  • Bumps on dog's back? Here's what they might be.

    blog images
    This blog explores bumps on your dog's back and the common reasons they can appear.
  • Spots on your dog? It might be Pyoderma

    blog images
    This blog examines the causes, symptoms, treatments, and home remedies for Pyoderma in dogs.
  • Do Dogs get Pimples?

    blog images
    This blog will show you how to spot dog acne and discuss some of the best treatments and home remedies.
  • DHA for Dogs: What are the Benefits, Dosages, and Where to Buy

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    Did you know puppies fed diets containing DHA perform better in learning experiments and training sessions than other dogs? You can find DHA in almost every commercial pet food, but what is it, are there any benefits, and is your dog getting enough of it?
  • Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

    blog images
    This blog “digs into” sweet potatoes for dogs, are they good or bad, the benefits and side effects, types of prepared sweet potatoes, and how to make sweet potatoes for your dogs. 
  • Biotin for Dogs: We explore the benefits, dosage, and side effects

    blog images
    This blog “chews over” if dogs can take Biotin, Biotin deficiencies in dogs, the benefits for dogs, dosage tables, side effects, safety, and how to choose a Biotin supplement.
  • What does it mean when a dog’s ears are held back?

    blog images
    A dog has few ways to communicate with its owner, and the ears can tell an entire story if a person interprets it correctly. This blog explores what it means when dogs’ ears are held back and other...
  • Phytoplankton for dogs: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects

    blog images
    This blog discusses Phytoplankton for dogs, including benefits, dosage, side effects, a comparison between krill, fish oil, plankton, and spirulina, as well as a buying guide. 
  • What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down And Cut His Nails?

    blog images
    There are some things you can give your dog to calm him down before you cut his nails. From prescription drugs to natural remedies, we explore all of the best options in this blog.   
  • Stomatitis in Cats: Causes, Identification, and Treatment

    blog images
    Stomatitis is a painful oral disease that affects cats. Cats find it difficult to eat and often experience poor quality of life due to the
  • Sad Dog? How To Spot The Signs, and Cheer Them Up

    blog images
    Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is sad? Is it possible for dogs to be unhappy or depressed? The short answer yes, your dog could be experiencing...

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