CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

Key Takeaway: Some studies have shown CBD was effective in lessening seizure activity in dogs. Some pet owners have found CBD to be an effective anti-seizure treatment. Studies have found CBD oil to have few long-term side effects, making it a good choice to deal with a prolonged seizure disorder.


It’s no exaggeration to say CBD has transformed my life. It helped my own health, and it helped my dog, Biscuit, who suffered from arthritis, live out the rest of her long life as comfortably and actively as possible. Not only has CBD helped me, my pet, and the pets of my family and friends, CBD has shown a light of hope into the lives of thousands of other pet parents.

Studies on CBD have been shown it to help animals with so many ailments, including anxiety, pain, and seizures. I read a new study practically everyday expounding on the myriad benefits of it. In my journey to learning more about the natural wonders of CBD, I’ve educated my followers along the way, letting them know that CBD has legitimate and proven uses. In turn, my customers send me testimonials that keep me going every day.

Testimonials like those from Darlene about her dog Myrna. I personally spoke to Darlene on the phone about whether or not CBD oil would help her dog, and I’m glad she gave it a go, because thanks to CBD, Myrna is now living the life she was meant to. Below, you can read Darlene’s full testimonial about Myrna and also the full background on CBD oil for dogs, including why and how it works.

CBD For Seizures - Myrna's Story

“My poodle Myrna [pictured above] suddenly started experiencing seizures when she was about 5 years old. Up to that point, she’d been a funny, smart dog that would regularly take her leash in her mouth and dance up to me and as if she was saying, ‘hey, I have a fun idea, let’s go for a walk!”

“To tell you the fear and anxiety I felt when watching my baby seize for the first time is something I don’t even want to fully describe. But it must have been worse for her. The look in her eyes and her anxious panting spoke volumes that she couldn’t say. I rushed her to the vet who took a ‘wait and see’ approach. Soon after, she experienced more seizures and the vet prescribed phenobarbital. Which seemed to help, but also seemed to change Myrna into a lethargic couch potato. I wanted Myrna to be herself and ALSO not to have seizures. That’s when I started looking for natural, holistic alternatives and found Relievet CBD Oil.”

“I started cautiously dosing her and with my vet’s supervision, weaning her down on phenobarbital. Now she’s on a low dose of phenobarbital and a good dose of CBD and she hasn’t had any seizures in months! But more importantly, thanks to the natural medicine of CBD she’s herself again. Back to her old tricks, bringing me her leash and toys to tell me it’s time to go on a walk or time to play. I’m glad I chose Relievet to help my baby because they helped me every step of the way with any questions I had. The relief I have over not worrying over Myrna makes me so happy I chose to try the natural approach.” 


The moment a dog has a seizure, its brain is bursting with electrical activity that interferes with the it's normal functions. These episodes can be caused by a wide range of factors including inflammation and immune response. In 2017, researchers clarified that inflammation and immune reactions could cause seizures.

CBD operates with the ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS is the primary driver of immune system balance and homeostasis.

Peter Grinspoon, MD, writes that the ECS regulates and controls many of our most critical bodily functions, such as pain control, inflammatory, and immune responses.

At this moment, science does not fully understand how CBD works with the ECS receptors, but they believe that the activation of certain receptors (CB1) may help stop seizures. Seizure reduction may happen because the CBD helps calm overactive neurons. Additionally, it is believed that CBD may help protect brain cells against damage caused by a seizure.

According to Dr. Matthew Miller, DVM, for CBD to positively affect seizures, it needs to be taken in conjunction with traditional anti-seizure medications.


Studies have shown CBD oil influences seizures. The study mentioned before focused on 26 dogs with epilepsy. The researchers split the dogs into a CBD oil group and a placebo group. After 12 weeks of treatment, the CBD group showed a significant reduction in seizure frequency compared to the other group. The lead researcher said overall, CBD oil shows great promise. The researchers found that the higher the level of CBD, the fewer seizures occur, meaning that getting an effective dose of CBD is critical. We'll talk more about CBD dosage for dogs with seizures later.

A U.S. survey of 19 parents, 12 of whom had children with severe epilepsy, explored the use of CBD for treatment-resistant epilepsy. 53% reported an 80% reduction in seizure frequency and 11% of children were seizure-free during a 3-month trial. Among the 12 patients with severe epilepsy, 42% reported an 80% seizure reduction.

In 2020, The American Epilepsy Society officially confirmed CBD helps reduce epileptic seizures. Their medical trials displayed that CBD was more effective than a placebo.

An article in the journal, Neurobiology of Disease concluded the data from research says that the ECS plays an active role in seizure termination. The study was conducted in Germany at the Institute of Pharmacology.

These studies defend the benefits of CBD oil and its effect on seizures. Several other studies about CBD and THC discuss a possible entourage effect for even greater benefits, but the lack of scientific evidence hinders those studies.

It is important to acknowledge a 2017 study about THC and CBD's effect on seizures. According to researchers, natural and synthetic THC caused seizures in mice. At Relievet, our CBD oil for dogs contains CBD and a broad spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids but no intoxicating THC.

The FDA, which approved Epidiolex in 2018 to treat two types of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, is bolstering the case for CBD's influence on seizures.


The exact cause of seizures in dogs isn't known, but they usually occur when there is a change in brain activity.


Grand mal seizures in dogs are alarming because of a loss of consciousness and the uncontrolled movement it may cause. Grand mal is just another word for a long or severe seizure. There is some evidence supporting CBD oil for Grand Mal seizures. The biggest study included 162 people who were treated with CBD oil for 12 weeks. Five patients saw motor seizures completely disappear, and two patients became seizure-free. However, the FDA requires large-scale clinical studies (hundreds of thousands of test subjects) to deem effective or ineffective medication.

The good news is that more CBD studies are on their way, giving us additional information regarding CBD and seizures and refining dosage amounts.

CBD oil dosage for dog seizures

The dosage we suggest for seizures is 1-2mg kg twice daily with oils placed in the mouth and 3-6mg/kg if you use CBD dog treats. If that sounds too complicated to figure out, you don't have to worry. It's the same dose range we print on every one of our CBD oils and Treats. If you purchase a product within the recommended weight range, it'll provide that dose of CBD for your dog.

We suggest a higher dose for treats as CBD is not absorbed as efficiently through digestion. You may also want to increase the dosage if your dog swallows CBD oil; an example would be CBD oil placed on their food. Most research on CBD is conducted above 1mg/kg CBD, which remains the case with CBD Seizure Research. The FDA-approved drug CBD drug Epidiolex recommends a dose as high as 12.5mg/kg twice a day.

See our article on CBD dosage for dogs for more information on CBD dosing. It covers how to use higher doses if needed, links to the studies on dosing, and suggests how you and your vet can work together to increase CBD doses safely in your pet.


Most dogs won't encounter any side effects using Broad Spectrum CBD products, as they contain virtually no THC. If they do, they will be reversible by simply reducing the dose. These are some possible side effects:

  • diarrhea
  • drowsiness
  • increased liver enzymes
  • lowered blood pressure

Additional side effects are possible with some full-spectrum CBD oils as they contain higher concentrations of psychoactive THC.


The best place to buy CBD for dog seizures in 2022 is online. This is because you need an effective dose of CBD for your dog's size.

Most products carried in retail stores either don't contain any CBD (hemp seed oil) or very little CBD. They also often lack weight-based dosage.

When you buy online, you can research the lab results of the product you are purchasing to verify that it does contain what it's supposed to. You can also confirm that the product is designed for your dog's size.


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