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CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs

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Help your fur family find relief from mobility issues, stressful situations, and more with our CBD oil for dogs. 

Pick a product based on your dog's weight and follow our easy-to-use dosage guidelines. If you don't see results, you don't pay!

• Broad-Spectrum, 0.0% THC
• Great for dogs of every breed and size
• Scientific dosing specifically for dogs
• No Additives, Flavoring, Preservatives, or Fillers
• Research-proven benefits
• Made with organic coconut oil, which dogs love
• Veterinarian & pharmacist approved formulation
• Small batches hand-made in America
• Free shipping
• See results or your money back


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract:

We source the finest Organically grown US hemp plants to create this extract rich in CBD, CBDV, CBC, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is C02 extracted and then goes through a state-of-the-art organic process to filter down THC levels naturally without the separation of cannabinoids.

Fractioned Coconut Oil (MCT Oil):

It is made from only the finest organically grown coconuts. The healthy fats in this superfood dramatically increase absorption by rapidly carrying CBD to the bloodstream.

Dosage Guidelines

Bottle volume:30ml

Drops per ml (full dropper):30
1/4 dropper: 7
1/2 dropper: 15
3/4 dropper: 22

Drops per bottle:900

One Dose:1-2mg/kg CBD (0.45-0.9mg/lb CBD)

Dosage Table

How long will it last:The product will lasta minimum of 1 month if used twice daily at the 1mg/kg CBD dose for dogs in the weight range.

To calculate exactly how long it'll last find the dose in drops below then multiply it by how many times you plan to use it daily. Then divide 900 by that number to find how many days it will last. 

e.g. 15 drops * 2 times daily = 30 drops a day
900 / 30 = the product will last 30 days. 

How often can it be used: CBD oil can be used intermittently as needed. For best results, use twice daily. Start at the low dose and increase every 3 days until you see results.

How many mg/ml/CBD:

150mg CBD oil – 5mg/ml CBD
400mg CBD Oil – 13.3mg/ml CBD
800mg CBD oil – 26.7mg/ml CBD
1500mg CBD oil – 50mg/ml CBD
4000mg CBD oil – 133.3mg/ml CBD
6000mg CBD oil – 200mg/ml CBD

Consult your vet before giving to animals under 12 weeks old

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Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make the situation right, including replacing the product free of charge, providing an alternative, or refunding you.

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Possible Drug Interactions

CBD can negatively interact with certain medications. Talk to your veterinarian before you give your pet CBD with any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications, especially blood thinners and medications for seizures, heart, or thyroid conditions. For a full list of potential interactions to discuss with your veterinarian, click here.

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  • Scienctific Dosage

  • Lab Tested

  • Made In USA

  • Organic Ingredients

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Relievet CBD Oil For Dogs

Relievet CBD oil for dogs is formulated from broad-spectrum CBD extract and organic coconut MCT oil, which work together to maximize the incredible benefits of CBD for dogs.

Our CBD Dog oil is highly bio-available, easy to dose (for all sizes of dogs), and passes the taste test with even the fussiest pups.

Relievet's CBD oil is praised by pharmacists, recommended by vets, and has helped many thousands of dogs since we made the first batch in 2018.

Want to learn about what makes a good canine CBD oil? Curious about where our hemp is farmed? What effects CBD oil has on dogs? What spectrum extract we use and why? Read on!


Getting the correct dose of CBD drops for dogs is crucial if you want your fur family to succeed with CBD. 

The dosing of CBD depends on the size of the animal; a review of over 1000 studies on CBD dosage confirmed that "higher doses tended to have better therapeutic outcomes compared to lower doses."

Because dogs can weigh anywhere from 1 to 200 pounds when fully grown, you need a CBD oil that's made for your dogs' weight to give them the correct dose.

We have CBD oil for dogs for sale ranging from 150mg per tincture up to our strongest CBD oil which contains 6000mg.

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How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog?

One of the best things about Relievet CBD oil is that it's very easy to find an accurate dose of CBD oil for your dog.

Just pick a bottle based on your dog's weight, and you'll see the range we recommend for one dose. The amount is listed in drops, but if you find it easier, there are 30 drops in a full dropper, 15 in a half, and 7 in a quarter.

The low dose will give your Dog 0.45mg of CBD per pound of their body weight, and the high dose is 0.9mg CBD/lb (1-2mg CBD/kg).

Another benefit of this extensive range of CBD oils for dogs is that each bottle will last at least a month of twice daily use for dogs in the weight range and, in many cases, much longer.

How To Use

We suggest giving CBD oil to your Dog by placing the dropper right in their mouth; this way, it's absorbed directly.

You can place CBD oil on food if your Dog won't let you drop it in their mouth, but only about 1/5th as much will be absorbed.

For the pickiest pups, we suggest trying our CBD treats for dogs, as they are designed to contain enough CBD to work when eaten.

How Often

The above dose of CBD can be given to your Dog as many as three times a day, but twice a day is enough for most dogs.

It's also ok to give your Dog CBD oil as needed instead of each day. You don't have to taper dogs off CBD like with some drugs.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The initial effects of CBD oil for dogs last from six to eight hours but the benefits have been shown to increase over weeks, months, and even years of use.

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Why Choose Relievet CBD For Dogs?

Relievet CBD oil is the easiest, most accurate, safest, and most absorbent way to give an effective dose of CBD oil to your Dog.

These are the reasons we believe this is the best CBD oil for dogs:

Ease of Use:  Our revolutionary dosage system lets you give a science-based (0.45-0.9mg CBD/lb) dose of CBD for all dogs without the need for a dosage calculator or special syringe.

Accuracy: Not only is our dosage system easy and accurate to use, but our products contain what they claim to on the label.

Every batch is tested in a third-party lab to verify this, and our organic extract is tested multiple times to ensure its safety. We provide Certificates of Analysis for every lot of CBD extract used in our products

Safety:  Our CBD is clean C02 extracted from hemp and then the THC is organically filtered out to maximize the benefits of this wonderful plant with no risk of a high.

Our plastic droppers are another innovation that make it safe to place CBD right in your dog's mouth, where it's best absorbed.

Bio-availability: The fractioned coconut oil we use has extraordinary properties that aid in the absorption of CBD more than any other carrier oil. It is also unique as it burns off as energy rather than being stored as fat, tastes great, and has an excellent shelf life. 

Efficacy:  Our broad spectrum extract is rich in CBD, CBDV, CBC, and a host of beneficial terpenes and flavonoids.

In addition to that, all of our CBD oils are:

- Non-GMO

- 100% USDA Organic Ingredients

- Cruelty-Free

- Vegan

- Made in the USA

- C02-extracted

We stand behind all of our products 100%. Our results-based guarantee is the only one of its kind, completely taking the risk out of buying CBD for dogs.

If you have any questions or need help with the product, our USA-based CBD experts are easily contactable by phone or email. 

At Relievet, dogs are family, and they deserve the best. Take a look at our reviews and you'll see how much we care. 

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Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?

Yes. Unlike many prescription drugs given to dogs, CBD has never caused a severe side effect or death.

Because Relievet CBD oil is formulated with broad-spectrum extract, it doesn't contain any THC, and it has fewer side effects than full spectrum CBD oil for dogs.

How Does Safety Compare To Other Options?

We often hear about adverse side effects pet parents have seen with common pharmaceutical drugs. They want to know if CBD is a safer natural alternative.

Our staff pharmacist, James Davis, has a strong background in studying over-the-counter and prescription medications. He has this to say about CBD vs. NSAIDs often given to dogs:

"NSAIDs like carprofen are commonly used to treat conditions that can last for years, such as arthritis.

Disappointingly, the safety studies on NSAIDs in pets are much shorter – often no more than six months. Even in six months, many of these studies identify serious side effects that worsen over time – like ulcers, liver damage, and kidney damage.

While CBD has been studied in smaller populations, it has few reported side effects: Diarrhea, vomiting, and liver enzyme changes. All of these appear to be mild side effects and are reversible.

More studies confirming these results are welcome, but existing evidence indicates that THC-free CBD products are less likely than NSAIDs to cause severe side effects in dogs."


One of the reasons CBD has become so popular is its lack of severe side effects for dogs. These are the possible side effects of all broad spectrum CBD oils for dogs: 

- Salivation and lip licking

- Vomiting

- Loose-Feces

- Dehydration

- Increased Liver Enzymes

These side effects have been shown to be reversible if you reduce the dose. If you're concerned, it's always best to check in with your vet.


Even though CBD is completely natural, it's processed by the liver just like many drugs, so interactions are possible.

While we suggest consulting with your vet before giving CBD together with any other drug, this list contains all of the medicines which are known to have a potentially dangerous interaction with CBD. 

How We Make CBD OIl

You might not know that a large portion of all CBD oils is not CBD. It’s a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or MCT oil.

The CBD extract (the other ingredient), whether its full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate, or even a mixture of isolates, is dissolved into the carrier oil. This is how we get the bottle of CBD oil to the proper concentration for your dog.

Pure CBD extracts like broad spectrum or full spectrum are similar in consistency to molasses at room temperature. If they are concentrated enough, they will even crystallize into a solid. CBD isolates come in a powder form and can also be dissolved into a carrier oil.


Just like us, our dogs are about 80% water. CBD is oil soluble, which means it doesn’t like water.

If you want CBD to work for your dog, it needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is where MCT oil comes in. It has some very unique properties that help it diffuse straight into the blood, carrying the CBD with it. After that, it’s burned off as brain fuel rather than being stored as fat.

That’s just one of the reasons why, at Relievet, coconut-derived USDA organic MCT oil is our choice! It's also the carrier oil used in the only FDA-approved CBD medication for humans. 

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Chris Kjolseth - CEO | Relievet

I am a pet parent to a dog and two cats. My passion for animals has led to decades of experience in farming, formulation, and the manufacturing of CBD products for an array of animals.