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Skin and Coat CBD Chews for Dogs

Skin and Coat CBD Chews for Dogs

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Working Great her coat is softer than I’ve ever felt she has no problem taking them she loves them comes every morning like clockwork to get and their customer service is like none other great company to deal with - Paul M.

Every dog deserves to shine! With nourishing ingredients like wild Alaskan salmon oil, Omega-3, Biotin, and CBD, these delicious and decadent chews are designed to help your dog maintain healthy skin and a beautiful shimmering coat.

    • Helps with itching and allergies
    • Specially formulated for skin and hair
    • Discourages self-chewing
    • Great for dogs of every breed and size
    • Encourages relaxation
    • Relieves occasional discomfort
    • CBD formulated for pets (Broad-Spectrum)
    • Made with organic ingredients which dogs love
    • Small batches hand-made in America
    • Free shipping over $30
    • Money-back guarantee!


    Active Ingredients - Per 4.5g Chew

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil-100mg


    Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)-2mg

    Other Ingredients:

    Beef Liver, Calcium Propionate, Coconut Flour, Distilled Water, Flax Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Bacon Flavor, Sweet Potato, Sunflower Lecithin, Tapioca Flour. (In Alphabetical Order)

    Usage Guidelines

    Guidelines For Use: Use twice daily, adjusting amount as needed. Split recommended daily usage between AM/PM.

    1 - 25 lbs: 1 whole chews/day
    26 - 50 lbs: 2 whole chews/day
    51+ lbs: 3 whole chews/day

    Shipping & Guarantee

    Shipping: 2-5 day first class shipping is free on all orders over $30.

    You have the option to pay for faster shipping (including next day) at checkout.

    international shiping policy

    Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make the situation right, including replacing the product free of charge, providing an alternative, or refunding you.

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    Is your dog Itchy? Scratchy? Uncomfortable?

    A variety of issues can cause your dog to experience uncomfortable itching, causing them to scratch excessively.

    Whether it's allergies from environmental causes like pollen or dander, severe weather changes, or something else, your dog's skin can come under attack from a variety of sources.

    Enter our SHINE CBD Soft Chews

    Our CBD Soft Chews are based on three natural ingredients to make your dog's coat shine bright, and to put the days of itching in the past.

    Alaskan Salmon Oil, Biotin, and Broad Spectrum CBD form a skin and coat enhancement suite, and your dog will love the natural bacon flavor too!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are They?

    The best skin and coat supporting ingredients that nature has to offer hand-crafted into a cold-formed soft chew that your dog will love.

    One of the core standards I hold our products to is this: would I feel silly serving this to my dog on a silver platter? If the answer is yes, as it is for so many low-grade products that companies pump out for profit, then I don't sell it. But I'd put on a butler's uniform to serve these soft chews to my pooch.

    It took six months and hundreds of thousands of chews to reach the perfect soft chew formula. All that testing and re-testing was so worth it though, because what started as just a mix of ingredients has turned into a delicious cold-formed soft chew that will keep your dog looking and feeling their best.

    What's in them?

    Our Skin and Coat CBD Chews for Dogs have three incredible active ingredients carefully selected to help your dog shine.

    Alaskan Salmon

    In the brisk winter air of the Bering Sea, where the smell of salt pervades everything, wild Alaskan salmon roam far and wide, taking in the essence of their natural habitat. These same Alaskan salmon are what we use in our soft chews. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the wild Alaskan salmon oil in our chews promotes a plethora of benefits.

    Because of their host of benefits, we could all probably stand to have more Omega-3 fatty acids in our diets. But dogs especially can benefit from a supplemental source of Omega-3 fatty acids because their diets usually have an overabundance of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are the counterpart to Omega-3 fatty acids.

    Omega-3s and Omega-6s are both necessary for a healthy and balanced diet that encourages skin and coat health, but many foods designed for dogs are lacking in Omega-3s. Our Skin and Coat CBD Chews have Alaskan Salmon Oil mixed right in, which provides a great source of Omega-3s.

    Deficiencies of Omega-3s can result in an increased chance of heart disease, mood disorders, arthritis, and some types of cancer. The introduction of Omega-3s to supplement diets have been associated with improved brain and heart health.


    Haar is the German word for hair, and Haut is the German word for skin, and that's why biotin's other name is vitamin H, for Haar and Haut. Through research, Biotin has been found to be an essential vitamin for the well-being of hair and skin.

    Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while, but if your dog is consistently suffering from skin problems, it's possible that a biotin deficiency is the cause.

    A biotin deficiency will often manifest itself as dry skin, a dull coat, loss of hair, and skin irritation. If you've noticed any of these symptoms in your canine companion, then a supplement that contains biotin might be helpful.

    Not only have we added it as a supplement, but the main ingredient of our soft chews is beef liver, which is chock full of biotin.

    Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)

    There has been a multitude of studies on whether hemp can be of some benefit to a variety of disorders. From seizures to headaches, there's research being performed on a massive scale to determine exactly what kind of benefit can be derived from this miracle of nature.

    One thing that the science is conclusive on is this: full-spectrum hemp products, which contain hemp's psychoactive ingredient, THC, can be harmful to dogs. That's the reason we opt for broad-spectrum hemp extract because while it is more expensive to extract from the hemp plant, we think it's worth it. Above all else, we need to serve our canine companions with the best—and the safest—product we can produce. Nothing less is good enough for our pets.

    It's also worth noting that we only use extract that has been separated via CO2 extraction. Because CO2 will harmlessly evaporate at room temperature, there is zero potential for dangerous industrial solvents to end up in our products. Our broad spectrum extract is also third-party lab-tested to ensure it's free of microbial bacteria, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. We think it's worth it so you can rest assured knowing your dog is getting the best and safest possible product.

    Can my dog get high from taking them?

    It's impossible for your dog to get high from our products because we use a Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract that doesn't contain THC, Cannabis' intoxicating ingredient, so there's no chance at all that your dog will end up “baked.”

    How are they made?

    Another thing that's never baked are our chews. This means that the beneficial cannabinoids (that customers are paying for) are not denatured by over-processing. Instead, we use a cold-fusing process to form the chews into delectable bite-sized pieces. Each and every one has a scientifically determined dose of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Biotin, and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD).

    We make all of our products in our custom-built clean room in the USA. That guarantees that our products are free of contaminants.

    How do they work?

    As soon as the soft chews are masticated (fancy word for chewed) by your dog, they start working their magic. Some of the CBD is absorbed right there in the mouth, but the majority will take about 60-90 minutes to hit the bloodstream. At that point, it will start having an effect on your dog.

    Our CBD Skin and Coat Chews can have a calming effect on dogs, giving them a little bit of serenity in the midst of any stresses that they might not understand.

    How CBD can benefit my dog's skin?

    While most of the research on the endocannabinoid system has focused on its role in the Central Nervous System (CNS) and immune system, significant research over the past 20 years has demonstrated that it also plays a role in maintaining important skin functions.

    How will they help my dog?

    Our Skin and Coat CBD Chews for Dogs are designed to help your dog's skin stay healthy and aid them in maintaining a beautiful coat. These chews, delicious as they are, were created to promote the well-being of your dog's skin and coat. So not only will your furry friend like eating them, but our special formulation will aid the natural processes of your dog's body.

    How do you pick the correct amount?

    Our CBD Dog Chews are formulated to be used once or twice daily, depending on your dog's needs. To get the long-term benefits that Alaskan Salmon Oil and Biotin can provide to your dog's coat and skin, we'd recommend setting a daily regimen.

    Our CBD Dog Chews can also be used with either our CBD Oil for Dogs, or with our 2-ingredient CBD Treats for Dogs.

    In general, we'd recommend pet parents begin with a lower dose. For example, a 15 lb dog should be given one chew at a time to start. If any negative side effects are noticed, the great thing about CBD is that you can reduce the dose, and they will subside.

    Most of the time pet parents find that the treats are effective and will tend to increase to the higher dosage. In that case, a 15 lb dog would be given two treats at a time.

    Do these chews come with side effects?

    While side effects are uncommon with our chews, that doesn't mean they aren't possible. The following are the possible side effects of CBD:

    • Drowsiness
    • Reduced appetite or weight loss
    • Nausea or vomiting

    Since our products contain Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, your dog won't experience any of the negative side effects associated with THC.

    Why choose Relievet

    We do everything in our power to make great products that you and your fur family will enjoy. Products that bring relief.

    Here are a few things that put Relievet leagues ahead. That really make us… Shine.

    We have manufacturing standards that are far above the norm for the pet supplement industry. Our customer service is second-to-none. We use only human-grade ingredients in all of our products. Every product we make is tested by a third-party laboratory. Our products truly offer the best value to your whole pet family.

    Elevated manufacturing standards

    Our state of the art clean facility is FDA registered and subject to surprise screenings at all times. We make everything in sunny San Diego, California.

    The best customer service ever

    We take extraordinary measures to ensure pet (and parent) satisfaction.

    If you have any question at all with our products, (or just want to chat), do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to provide clarification on all sorts of questions. We would also be happy to answer any questions your vet might have about our products. Our in-house pharmacist can answer many common questions vets have about CBD, and he is always up-to-date on the latest research on the use of CBD in animals.

    We understand that when you’re choosing a product for your pet, you want to get it right. We are always here to provide guidance.

    Money back guarantee

    If you’re not totally satisfied, we will do everything in our power to change that. Replaced products, expedited shipping, and if all else fails, a full refund.

    Human-grade ingredients that ensure quality

    We only use the best ingredients in our products. That means human-grade ingredients. That means science-backed supplements. That means nature-derived. That means quality you can count on.

    I would happily eat any of the ingredients we use in our products, with the exception of maybe the beef liver because its flavor is just too strong for me. Dogs seem to love it, so maybe I should give it another chance.

    I struggled for six months straight trying to get the formulation of our chews just right. Even with consultation with vets, pharmacists, and other experts, I found it really difficult to get a product I could be proud of. Even though it took all that time and hundreds of thousands of chews, I'm so glad I put in the effort because there's no doubt in my mind that we are offering the best CBD Skin and Coat Chews on the market today.

    3rd-party lab testing on every batch

    From every batch we make, we take a sample to be tested at a third-party laboratory, and we don't start selling the batch until we get the results. Even though we almost never change our formulas, we still believe that you should be able to know that every product we send out has been scientifically verified. This is totally voluntary on our part because we believe animals should get the same quality of treatment that's often reserved for humans.

    If we wouldn't use it on ourselves, then we would never use it on animals. (As tempting and safe as it is, don't use our products on yourself).

    The best value

    Not only do we have products of the highest quality, but they are also the best value available.

    Our Skin and Coat CBD Chews are best given to dogs on a long-term basis to benefit their skin and coat. We give a 30% discount–and free shipping–for our subscription service. That way you'll always have a supply of chews to support your dog's well-being, or just as a reward for being the best dog ever.