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CBD Oil For Cats

CBD Oil For Cats

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Help your fur family find relief from mobility issues, stressful situations, and much more with CBD oil for cats. Vet formulated for you to provide the whole-plant benefits of CBD for cats with no risk of sedation. Pick a product based on your cats' weight and follow our easy-to-use dosage guidelines. Help your cat live a more natural life today.

  • USDA Organic (Certified by OneCert®)
  • Dosage chart on bottle in drops
  • Easily drop in mouth or on food
  • Helps older & cats with mobility and joint issues
  • Discourages stress-related behavior such as inappropriate eliminating and scratching
  • Great for & cats of every & breed and & size
  • Made specifically for cats (Broad-Spectrum)
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Relieves occasional discomfort
  • Scientific dosing
  • Mild flavor that cats enjoy
  • Small batches hand-made in America
  • Free shipping over $30
  • Money-back guarantee


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract:

We source the finest Organically grown US hemp plants to create this extract rich in CBD, CBDV, CBC, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is C02 extracted and then goes through a state-of-the-art organic process to filter down THC levels naturally without the separation of cannabinoids.

Fractioned Coconut Oil (MCT Oil):

It is made from only the finest organically grown coconuts. The healthy fats in this superfood dramatically increase absorption by rapidly carrying CBD to the bloodstream.


Each of our bottles contains 30ml of oil, and each 1ml dropper contains 30 drops, for a total of 900 drops per bottle.

1/4 dropper = 0.25ml = 7 drops

1/2 dropper = 0.5ml = 15 drops

3/4 dropper = 0.75ml = 22

Please use our CBD oil dosage calculator for cats to determine the correct dosage for your cat.

If you have any questions about dosage, get in touch!

150mg CBD oil: 5mg CBD/ ml, 0.17mg CBD/ drop

400mg CBD Oil: 13.3mg CBD/ ml, 0.44mg CBD/ drop

800mg CBD oil: 26.7mg CBD/ ml, 0.89mg CBD/ drop

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Lab Results

Lab Results for Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Distillate (Oil, Salve)

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CBD Oil for cats dosage calculator

How much does your cat weigh?

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CBD Oil recommendations (scroll right to see more)

150mg cbd oil for cats

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400mg cbd oil for cats

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2x daily will last:

800mg cbd oil for cats

One dose:

1x daily will last:

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Relievet’s USDA organic CBD Oil for Cats is made from only two human-grade ingredients that can help to restore balance in your feline family both safely and naturally.  

This simple but effective combination of Broad spectrum CBD and coconut-derived MCT oil creates a great-tasting oil that can be placed in your Cat's mouth or on their food or paw for quick and convenient relief.

Our range of CBD oil for cats was designed from the ground up to make it easy to provide cats of all sizes with a science-backed dose of CBD, so your furry friend receives more than just the placebo effect. 

Since 2018, we have made this unique line of broad-spectrum organic oils because we think cats need natural help with mobility and stress-related issues without any of the concerns pet parents have raised about the THC in full-spectrum CBD products. 

Cats are family, and they deserve the best. You can take comfort in knowing our products are always fresh and pure as they are made in small batches in our FDA-registered and third-party inspected clean facility here in the USA. Relievet is easily findable on the USDA's organic integrity database, and our lab results are displayed publicly.

  • USDA Organic

  • FDA Registered Facility

    FDA-Registered Facility

  • Vet & Pharmacist Approved

  • Made in USA

    Made In the USA

  • 3rd Party Lab-Tested

  • Unparalleled Support

What Is CBD Oil For Cats?

I love cats. That's why I have 2 of them. They're some of the cutest, most playful creatures on Earth, and I feel blessed every day that I get to share my life with them.

But even though they lead great lives, and I give them all the love I can give, sometimes my cats can have problems. Cats live a long time, and are just as susceptible—if not more so—to age-related problems. Fortunately, a few years ago, I found a solution for age-related problems that my dog Biscuit was having. Since then, I've built an entire business around CBD for pets, because I truly believe that it can do a lot of good for so many people, and countless animals.

Every animal has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which can be interacted with by CBD. It is essential in the regulation of the body's functions, such as sleep, mobility, mood, memory, immune system responses, and more.

Our CBD Oil for Cats is a wellness-supportive combination of USA-grown CBD and MCT oil that can promote mobility and calmness while reducing feelings of stress and soreness.

Relievet's CBD oil for cats is USDA Organic Certified, which means from seed to your doorstep, every aspect of our product meets the high standards of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

A cat who is being stressed by factors outside of your control may exhibit poor behavior which cannot be helped. This includes hissing, yowling, scratching things, and going outside of the litter box. CBD has regulating properties that can restore equilibrium to a cat's mood when outside stresses are causing poor behavior.

If you've ever noticed that your Cat was experiencing mobility issues such as stiffness, an unwillingness to jump or go up stairs, or joint inflammation, CBD Oil for Cats can encourage movement and joint flexibility.

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cbd oil for cats benefits

What Can CBD Oil for Cats Do for Your Cat?

There are a variety of benefits that CBD oil can have for cats. Many pet parents have found it extremely effective at bringing relief to their cats. CBD oil's effects can be useful when dealing with cats suffering from feelings of anxiety, mobility issues, decreased appetite, or for pet parents who just want to promote their cat's general wellness.

Calming Effect and Stress Relief

Separation Anxiety

If I had it my way, I'd spend all my time with my cats. But unfortunately there are times when I can't be there with them. Like when I'm at work, or at a friend's house, or grocery shopping, or while I'm sleeping, or when I'm in the bathroom...

The point is, I can't always be with my cats, but they don't always take it so well, so I need something that can keep them calm when I'm not around. That's where CBD oil can be so helpful.

Loud Noises

I keep asking the city if they could please have the trash truck drive by quietly, but they keep telling me it's physically impossible. Rudeness aside, I've had to deal with my cats getting scared of the sudden thundering that accompanies the trash truck on its weekly route. Whenever it drives by, I don't even have to see my cat to know that she's dashed under the couch.

CBD Oil can be really helpful to alter a cat's mindset so that stress events like loud noises don't agitate them as much as normal.

Travel Anxiety

Even though cats are great at being left alone for a while, sometimes we have to take longer trips, and unless we trust someone to check in on them, we'll have to take our cats along for the ride.

I don't know about you, but my cats do NOT love to go for car rides. It's not 5 minutes before they start meowing like they're dying. I always check just to make sure, and they're always just fine. CBD can strongly influence cats to be a lot more comfortable with travel.

Moving Anxiety

Cats are naturally territorial. They're descended straight from the big cats of Africa, who roam over huge swathes of land which they rule like jungle kings. And house-cats get to roam in the front yard. Maybe the backyard too.

They get so attached to wherever they might consider their "domain," so when you invariably have to move, they feel like they're getting ripped away. Whenever a cat comes to a new place, they need some time to adjust, and to take in their new surroundings. CBD can help your kitty feel more comfortable about changes to their surroundings.

Meeting New Animals or People

Meeting new people or animals can be a really fun experience, but despite the wrap they get for curiosity, cats are naturally very cautious, too. This can make it difficult or downright impossible to introduce them to new people or animals. This can seriously increase the difficulty of melding the household! Can't we all just get along!?

CBD can be effective at altering your cat's perspective so that the new people or animals don't seem like such a threat to them. This is the first and most critical step when melding a fur family, and no other progress can be made until your cat is simply OK being in the same room with their new family members.

Hyperactive Cats

You know that period of time when your cat spends time just running back and forth like it's gone mad, knocking things over and wreaking havoc? That's called the zoomies (Frenetic Random Activity Periods if you want to get technical), and every cat gets them.

But when they're lasting for hours at a time, with no end in sight, and your cat is keeping you up at night, then your cat may be hyperactive. CBD can help reign in all of that excess energy.

Aggressive Cats

Sometimes cats are just too big for their britches. They think they're the kings of the castle and that everyone should just follow their rules. If they don't get their way, they can sometimes exhibit poor behavior like hissing and swiping at people or animals.

If your cat is exhibiting poor behavior, then CBD might be helpful. It can turn the king of the castle back into a playful kitten.

Cats Who Can’t Sleep

When a cat is up at all hours of the night, or when they start yowling outside your door in the bleary-eyed hours of the morning, it's a pretty safe bet that you won't be getting good sleep either. Cats have a natural internal clock that says that they should be active when the sun rises and when the sun sets, with plenty of napping in between. If they are getting even less sleep than this, then CBD might bring them some relief.

Due to its mood regulating abilities, CBD oil can get your kitty some much needed Zs. And when they're getting a good night's rest, it's likely that you will be too.

Mobility Improvement

Cats are naturally strong-willed. When they don't want to do something, they'll usually make it really obvious. So if they are experiencing pain from joint inflammation or any other mobility issues they'll make it really clear by refusing to move.

Many pet parents have cats who are moving less than they used to are looking for a gentle and natural solution to address their mobility issues. CBD is effective at encouraging physical wellness.

Healthy Appetite

Illnesses can often cause cats to lose their natural healthy appetite. A loss of appetite can have long-term consequences if it persists. It will result in cats losing weight, and energy levels to decline sharply. If the cats don't have enough energy from their diet, their ability to fight off the illness will also decline. This is a serious issue that frequently accompanies long-term illnesses.

CBD can have regulating effects on the ECS that every animal has, which can in turn influence appetite. To recover from illnesses, a cat's appetite needs to be kept at normal levels. CBD can encourage a healthy appetite in cats.

Overall Wellness

Every animal has an ECS, or Endo-Cannabinoid System. The ECS is highly connected to bodily functions like sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and fertility. CBD interacts directly with the ECS, and can promote natural regulation of the functions the ECS effects.

CBD Oil for cats is a good way to naturally influences the ECS. If a cat has things that are upsetting its balance, CBD can be effective at naturally restoring that balance.

cat in relievet box on table

How to Choose the best CBD Oil for your Cat

There are a ton of options for CBD Oil for Cats out there, and it can be difficult to tell what the best product will be for your individual circumstances. Here are some general guidelines you can follow when looking for a product that's right for you and your feline friend.

You want to be able to easily use it, you want it to work, and you want it to be safe.

USDA Organic Certified

CBD is straight from nature, so it only makes sense that whatever CBD Oil for Cats you choose, it should be USDA Certified Organic. That means that the seller should be easy to find in the USDA Organic Integrity Database.

Being in the database means that the company has been inspected and found to meet the high standards of the United States Department of Agriculture, and can certifiably produce organic products.

Extract Type

There are a few types of Hemp Extract used to make CBD products:

Full Spectrum. This type of extract has all of the cannibanoids found in hemp, including THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive cannabinoid. Even if the product contains as little as 0.3% THC it has the potential to cause psychoactive effects that cats might not enjoy.

CBD Isolate. This type of extract contains none of the beneficial terpenes or the other cannibanoids found in hemp which may work together to improve the benefits of CBD through the "entourage effect." It only contains CBD.

Broad Spectrum. This kind of extract contains all of the parts of the hemp plant except THC. Broad spectrum CBD extracts benefit from the entourage effect without the chance of any psychoactive effects.

Extraction Method

There are a few ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant, but the best by far is called super-critical CO₂ extraction. In this process, the hemp plant is ground into a pulp and placed into an extraction chamber. Then CO₂ gas pressurized to over 1,000 psi is let into the chamber, where it breaks the bonds holding the cannabinoids in with the plant matter and bonds with them. A release valve is then opened which allows the CO₂-bonded cannabinoids to flow away from the plant matter.

CO₂ is a harmless gas at room temperature, so it will dissipate and cleanly leave the extract alone. It's honestly really cool, and results in a very pure product. CO₂ also acts a cleaning agent, killing any microbial bacteria, molds, or mildew.

Other extraction methods use industrial solvents to separate the extract from the plant material. While these can be effective, and are generally cheaper than Supercritical CO₂ extraction, they leave unwanted solvents or other materials in the extract, making them less than ideal.

Carrier Oil

The best CBD Oils for cats are generally made of just two ingredients: the hemp extract (the source of the CBD) and some carrier oil.

It's important to choose a product that uses a carrier oil that has a few things going for it: it should have a good shelf life, it should be healthy for animals, it should help the CBD be absorbed, and of course, it should be delicious.

The main carrier oils used are MCT oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride, and it comes from coconuts and palms. The main benefits of MCT oil as a carrier is that it's healthy, it stores well, it increases CBD uptake speed and absorbion, and many cats love its taste. MCT oil is known as a "healthy fat," which is easy to tell from the fact that it remains a liquid at room temperature. "Healthy fats" can be used as energy for the body very quickly, improving the uptake speed for the CBD.

The benefits of olive oil as a carrier are that it's fairly healthy and tastes pretty good. Its drawbacks are that it doesn't store well (everyone knows the smell of rancid olive oil) and it hasn't been shown to have any additional benefits when paired with CBD.

The benefit of hemp seed oil are that it's from the same plant that CBD comes from. Its main drawback is that many dogs and cats are put off by its strong earthy flavor. This can make it hard to give to cats.

If the product uses a less-than-delicious carrier oil, the seller might try to improve the taste by introducing artificial flavoring. Always check a products ingredients before purchasing.


If a company is easy to find on the USDA Organic Integrity Database, it means that they have met the USDA's high standards, but that's not the whole story. If you're considering purchasing CBD oil for your cat, make sure that they are open about their manufacturing process. They should plainly state on their website what kind of facilities the products are produced in. If it's not clear from what they say on their website, then they may be hiding something.

Ideally they would manufacture all of their products inside a clean room, to ensure that no outside contaminants can get into the products.

Many pet parents are also aware of the quality difference that can come between a product that is produced in the USA, and one that is made abroad. Not only does buying from a USA-based manufacturer mean a quality difference, but it means supporting an American-owned business.

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cbd cat oil comparison

Why Choose Relievet Products

USDA Certified Organic

Our oils and the facilities where we make them have been inspected by OneCert®, and exceed the standards set out by the USDA for organic products. Relievet CBD for Pets can easily be found in the USDA's Organic Integrity Database. This database compiles every manufacturer which is USDA certified organic, and makes it easy to tell which companies have met the standards of the USDA.

We take great pride in making products that are great for animals and exceed the standards of the USDA, and which are made from Organic Ingredients.


At Relievet, we take quality seriously. Every one of our products are produced in an ISO6 clean room, inside our FDA registered facility in San Diego, California. Our facilities have been inspected by OneCert®, and exceed the standards set out by the USDA.

We keep our clean room spotless to make sure the products we make for your cat are purrfect every time.

High Quality Ingredients

Our CBD Oil for Cats is made with Human-Grade ingredients because cats are family and deserve the best. Our CBD Oil for Cats are made of two simple but fantastic ingredients: USDA Organic MCT oil and USDA Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp extract.

MCT Oil is the ideal carrier oil for CBD, since it is healthy and can increase CBD’s absorption and uptake speed. Its taste is also very mild, making it easier to feed to even the most picky kitties 

We use Broad Spectrum distillate from American-grown Hemp in our CBD oils. From seed to bottle to your doorstep, every part of the process has been certified organic by the USDA, ensuring you get a high quality product that your cat can enjoy.

3rd-Party Lab Testing on Every Batch

All of the extract that we use for our products is third-party lab tested for heavy metals, industrial solvents, pesticides, and microbial bacteria.

All of our products are tested by a third-party accredited laboratory for potency. We want our customers to rest assured that they're getting exactly what they're paying for: a scientifically accurate dose of CBD to contribute to their cat's wellness.

The Best Customer Service

We do everything we can to please our customers. We're eternally grateful to everyone who purchases from us because we know that they are a pet parent who is doing the right thing. They have done their research and know that CBD can bring their cats relief.

In honor of that, we do everything we can to support their pets' wellness journey. We're always available to talk via phone (+1 (858) 352-6935) or email and answer any questions you might have about CBD Oil for Cats. If CBD Oil for Cats doesn't work for you we will work to find a product that will naturally bring your cat relief.

Money-back Guarantee

If our CBD oil does not work for you we will give you your money back. Simple.

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cbd oil for cats dosage

Dosage of Cat CBD Oil

Every cat is different. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. That's why it's important as a loving pet parent to follow the best available advice on getting your cat a science-backed dose of CBD.

It's important to discuss your options with your veterinarian, as she or he will likely have a good insight into what kind of benefits CBD might offer your cat. If your vet has any questions about CBD for Cats, or CBD for pets in general, we would be more than happy to speak to them about it.

Based on all available research, Relievet recommends a weight-based dosing system. That means a bigger cat will need a higher dose of CBD than a small cat to achieve the same effects. Every bottle has our dosing chart printed on it, and the CBD dosage calculator below makes it simple to select the best dose for your cat. We always recommend starting with a low dose and working up until you see the desired effects.

How to give CBD oil to your cat

One of our customers shared a great innovation with us that we love to share: if you put the oil onto the cat's paw, they can't help but lick it off. This is an extremely effective way to dose your cat despite the difficulty you'd face trying to get the dropper in their mouth (I've tried it—not fun). But if our cat-owner pro-tip doesn't work, putting it on their food is surefire.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

If given to a kitty directly in the mouth or licked off of the paws, CBD will start to work almost immediately, but may take up to 15 minutes. If ingested, generally it takes from thirty minutes to an hour to start having an effect. If you start your feline friend on a lower dose and don’t see any effects within an hour, you can feel secure giving your cat another dose.

How long will it last?

Depending on the delivery method, CBD can stay in the system for 6-10 hours. The lower range will generally be cases where the cat was dosed directly via the mouth, such as when they lick the oil up. The longer duration is generally when the cat ingests the CBD with food, as the CBD will be continually metabolized with the food.

When given twice a day, doses should be spaced out by about 8 hours, or once in the morning and once in the evening. You can dose as needed, when you think it will be of the most benefit to your cat, but CBD generally works better when given consistently.

It’s also worth noting that Cat CBD oils with higher CBD content can be used to give the same dose as less strong oils. This makes it a lot easier to give to cats—the less you have to give, the easier it will be, and will save money in the long run.

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Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum CBD vs. Isolate

At Relievet, we only use broad spectrum hemp extract in our products. We opt to use it over CBD isolate because of the beneficial terpenes and flavonoids that are lost when CBD is isolated. These parts of the hemp plant have been speculated to contribute to an "entourage effect," which improves the benefits of the CBD itself.

Broad spectrum hemp extract is also preferable to full spectrum extract because of the absence of THC. THC, even at concentrations as low as 0.3%, can have psychoactive effects on some extra sensitive animals. It's worth noting that 0.3% is the maximum allowed THC content by the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized the sale of CBD products. We think of our pets as our fur babies, so we would never do anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. That's why we believe broad spectrum hemp extract is preferable to full spectrum extract.

Are there any side effects to CBD Oil for Cats?

There are some side effects to CBD that have been observed in some cats. They include hypersalivation, lip-licking, vomiting, loose feces, and dehydration. There are also some studies which indicate CBD may raise liver enzyme levels over prolonged use. This symptom is very similar to what is seen in treatments that are vet-prescribed, and there have been no cases of liver damage.

How can I Minimize Possible Side Effects?

The best way to be safe when giving your cat CBD oil is to start low and go slow.

Begin by giving your cat a minimal dose to make sure there is no bad reaction. Then start with a lower dose (as indicated by the dosage calculator), and slowly increase it until you see results. The best dose of CBD for your cat is the lowest possible dose that still has visible results. This is not only good for your cat's long-term wellness, but it will save you money in the long run.

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