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Why Choose Relievet?

When a pet family member struggles with their daily life, it disrupts the harmony in your household. You want your pets to be happy.

CBD for pets is a natural and gentle way to restore balance. It has demonstrated its potential to help in many ways and never caused harm.

You can trust Relievet to guide you on your pet’s wellness journey. We are committed to improving the wellness of animals naturally. Pets are family, and they deserve the best!

In The News

We are so grateful to have been able to help Jasmine with our groundbreaking CBD products for birds. You can read her story on Yahoo Finance - How a Parrot with Feather Plucking Recovered Using a Novel Method.

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Biscuit's Story

To say Biscuit lived an active life would be an understatement. Ever since she was a puppy, she’d spend her days running and playing. I’d take her on walks, to the beach, and to dog parks.​​

Unfortunately, at age 10, she started to limp after trips to the dog park. It broke my heart to see her in pain doing what she loved the most. I started feeding her a raw food diet and added high-quality supplements to ensure her nutritional needs were met.

Unfortunately, while she loved the food, the limping...

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CBD For Pets

Since 2018, the team at Relievet has been on a mission to cultivate the absolute best CBD products for pets. From the plants that produce our organic broad-spectrum CBD extract to the wild-caught salmon in our tasty CBD treats, we are committed to bringing the benefits of CBD to all pets.

Real Benefits

The issues our pets face are no joke, and we don't think their CBD products should be either.

A science-backed dose of CBD can significantly impact the quality of life of dogs, cats, birds, and large animals in many ways.

  • Improve Mobility
  • Relieve Stress
  • Reduce Discomfort
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Where To Buy

Whether buying online or in-store, be sure to find a weight-based dose of CBD for your pets. The best way to do this is with a dosage calculator if shopping online or by speaking with an expert if shopping in-store. You can also try our quiz and get a suggestion for your pet.

If ever in doubt, consult with your vet and always check for third-party lab results to ensure you get a safe product for your pet family.

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