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A Tour Of Relievet CBD For Pets

What Is CBD For Pets?

You want the truth—you want realistic expectations—you don’t want surprises—you want a product made especially for your pet that takes their needs into account.

When a pet family member is struggling with their daily life, it disrupts the harmony in your household. You want your pets to be happy.

CBD for pets is a natural and gentle way to restore balance, one which has never caused serious harm to animals or people but has demonstrated its potential to help in many ways.

You can trust Relievet to guide you on your pet’s wellness journey. We won't sell unsafe products. And we won’t make extravagant claims to sell a product and disappoint you. We will work with you and even your vet and be honest every step of the way.

  • USDA Organic

  • FDA-Registered Facility

  • Made In The USA

  • Family Owned Business

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is similar to marijuana. While marijuana products are used therapeutically, they are also widely used recreationally. CBD is not used recreationally, because it doesn’t cause any high. But that doesn’t mean it has no effect. 

CBD is similar to compounds present in the bodies of humans and all mammals. This similarity allows it to interact as they do and influence the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is tied to a wide variety of bodily processes, including those which help with stress, those which regulate the inflammatory response, and those involved with maintaining overall wellness.

What Will it Do?

It might do nothing, or it might help your pet feel better. What it won't do is cause harm. 

CBD has been the subject of thousands of scientific studies on topics including seizures, arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, and more, many of which have shown its potential to relieve, balance, and restore—either on its own or in combination with existing treatments.

None of them have shown it to be 100% effective every time, and often CBD is only shown to be effective at doses much higher than the average product you’ll find. Therefore, we will never tell you CBD works for this or that decisively. We will often tell you it is worth trying, and there is almost no risk in doing so. That is something that cannot be said for many conventional treatments.

We believe in the benefits of our products, and we want as many animals as possible to get the natural help they deserve, so we offer a unique guarantee.

Relievet Results Guarantee

Our Relievet Results Guarantee means you get to try the product, and if it doesn’t work for your pet, you don’t pay. We are confident enough that it will work for your pet that we are willing to take away your risk in trying it. If the product doesn’t work for you, we will exchange it for one that suits your pet family’s needs better. If that doesn’t work, we will give you your money back.

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Product types

There are a lot of CBD products for pets that claim to cure a variety of ailments. The reality is that most of the benefits touted by these products have only been demonstrated at specific doses, with specific types of products, in very specific situations, on a small scale. We don’t want you or your pets to be disappointed by a product that won't work.

We design and make all our products with your pet’s needs in mind.

CBD Oils

Our range of USDA organic broad spectrum oils provide weight-based dosages of CBD for pets from 1 oz to 2,000 lbs. They are uniquely tasty and don’t cause drowsiness. With our pet-safe droppers, they can be easily and accurately dosed.

CBD Treats

These one-of-a-kind treats are freeze-dried to protect sensitive cannabinoids which baking would destroy. We offer an extensive range so that all birds, cats, and dogs can benefit. They contain only two delicious human-grade ingredients, and the recommended dosage takes into account the fact that less CBD is absorbed when it is digested.

CBD Chews

All our CBD Dog Chews are made with only human-grade supplements at doses backed by science. They are cold-formed and always chewy and delicious. Your pets can enjoy them with our oils or treats for added support.

CBD Topicals

Relievet’s CBD Balm is made with the finest skin-supporting ingredients nature has to offer in an easy-to-use and mess-free form factor.

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Who is Relievet

Relievet started with a Biscuit, but not the kind you eat. This Biscuit was ten years old and had mobility issues. After being repeatedly disappointed by conventional treatments and the available natural remedies, I decided there was a better way to help. The CBD oil I developed with the aid of veterinarians and pharmacists helped her find relief. It did so gently, without altering her one-of-a-kind personality. She even loved the taste!

For the first year, Relievet was just me, making the products, shipping the packages, and handling all the customer service.

I’m glad to say it’s not just me now. The mission and unique approach to CBD for pets that Biscuit inspired has drawn an incredible team of passionate pet experts.

CBD for Pets Reviews

Reviews can be a great way to gain insight into a product, if they are genuine, and if they are all published. If not, then you aren’t getting the whole picture, and it won’t be something you can trust. The same goes for paid testimonials and sponsored content. Is it really good, or were you paid to say so?

Negative feedback is an opportunity to learn; we aren’t ashamed to show you the whole picture. We think it builds trust. CBD doesn’t work all the time for every issue, and the reviews should reflect that.

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What do Vets Think of Pet CBD?

We respect veterinarians. Our products were made with the help of respected vets involved with CBD research in pets. Vets are wonderful people who care about animals and always have your animal’s best interest at heart. But many vets have voiced concerns about pet CBD products because of wild marketing claims and the lack of regulation. In some states, vets still aren’t allowed to discuss CBD without risking the loss of their license.

Like us, vets don’t want an animal to go without life-saving treatment because CBD was used instead of expert medical attention. While many vets are accepting of Relievet products and even recommend them, in many cases, your vet's involvement is critical to your pet’s well-being, and only they can advise on individual treatment.

One of our team members, James, is a doctor of pharmacy who works with veterinarians on a case-by-case basis to help ensure pets have the best experience possible.

Quality Products

There are no regulations on pet supplements. You can legally make them in a dusty warehouse without breaking any laws. We think your pets deserve better. 

Relievet products are made in our custom-built, FDA-registered clean facility, so there is never a chance of nasty surprises in your best friend's products. We are certified USDA organic, meaning from the seed, every step has been inspected by a third party and declared free of solvents, GMOs, and pollutants. Beyond that, every batch of every product we make is tested at a third-party lab, and those reports are always available on our site for you and your vet so you both know your pet will have the best experience.

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