What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis?

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Four out of every five dogs develop arthritis, so many pet parents understand the anguish it can cause. Limping and pain can make everyday activities hard. Of course, we want to help them live their lives as comfortably as possible.

Research and accounts from thousands of pet parents say CBD has the potential to help. But which CBD oil is best for dogs with arthritis? Let’s find out.

What is Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis, a prevalent condition in dogs, primarily affects their joints when they become worn down, leading to inflammation, pain, and stiffness. This ailment diminishes their mobility, and makes it more difficult for them to move around. Recognizing these symptoms is crucial so that you can use a strategy like CBD Oil for Dogs to help improve your dog’s quality of life. Many dogs that suffer from arthritis can still lead active lives because of CBD.

Does CBD Work for Dogs with Arthritis?

CBD oil offers a beacon of hope for dogs suffering from the debilitating effects of arthritis, addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes with its multi-faceted benefits.

  • Reducing Inflammation: At the heart of arthritis lies inflammation, which CBD oil targets through its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that CBD can decrease swelling and discomfort in the joints.
  • Pain Management: Chronic pain is a constant battle for dogs with arthritis, significantly impacting their mood and mobility. CBD oil has been shown in studies to have analgesic properties, helping to manage pain effectively. For instance, regular use of CBD oil can help a dog who struggles to stand up or climb stairs do so with less discomfort, making daily activities more manageable.

Incorporating CBD oil into a dog's wellness regimen could significantly improve their quality of life by addressing the painful symptoms of arthritis directly. It's a natural solution that supports mobility, reduces pain, and allows dogs to live happier, more active lives despite their condition.


How Relievet Helps Murphy

It keeps him mobile and able to exercise each day. He has great energy and walks still 3 times a day as he turns 11 this year. He has hip dysplasia and arthritis and we have seen a great improvement in his mobility.” - Amanda G.

Products Murphy uses:

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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Selecting the right CBD oil for your canine companion involves understanding various factors that influence its efficacy and safety. Here's what to consider:

  • Concentration: The concentration of CBD in the oil is crucial, especially when dosing for dogs of different sizes and severities of arthritis. Products with a wide range of concentrations allow for precise dosing, ensuring your dog gets the right amount without overdoing it.
  • Certification and Testing: Opt for CBD oil that is certified USDA organic to avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals. Additionally, reputable brands will provide comprehensive third-party lab testing results for each batch, verifying the product's potency, minor cannabinoid content, and safety from contaminants.
  • Carrier Oil: CBD oils use carrier oils for better absorption. MCT oil, derived from coconut, is preferred for its fast absorption rates and ease of digestion, making it an excellent choice for dogs.
  • Manufacturing Standards: High-quality CBD oils are produced in clean-room environments to prevent contamination, ensuring the final product is safe for your pet.

Here’s a table with the important considerations to make when choosing a CBD oil for your dog with arthritis:

Before adding CBD oil to your dog's regimen, especially for managing arthritis symptoms, consult with your veterinarian. They can provide tailored advice based on your dog's health history and current medications, and monitor the effects of CBD for your dog’s health journey.

How Do You Give CBD Oil to a Dog?

There are several ways to give CBD to a dog with arthritis; CBD oil and treats are the most common. The best option will depend on your dog and how cooperative they may or may not be.

  • The best way to give your dog CBD oil is with a dropper under the tongue. This ensures your dog gets the correct dose of CBD, which will be effective in roughly 30 minutes. Follow the instructions on the bottle for specific dosing directions, but dogs with arthritis can see benefits from CBD at 1-2mg/kg twice daily.
  • An alternative way to give your dog CBD oil is in food, wet or dry. Just keep in mind that the dose will likely have to be increased to offset for the loss during digestion. Start with a low dose and increase it until you see improvement.

If your dog won’t tolerate taking oil, or you’re looking for something a bit more convenient, CBD Dog Treats are a good choice. They have a higher amount of CBD to offset the loss from digestion, and are designed to be super easy (and delicious) for your dogs. Simply follow the instructions on the jar to dose. They are effective about an hour after ingestion, and last about 10 hours, meaning it’s a good idea to use them twice per day.

Safety of CBD for Dogs with Arthritis

Several studies have been performed on the safety of CBD in dogs, finding that it is extremely safe, even with long term use.

One study found that dogs had no observable side effects, but had significantly reduced pain and increase in activity with a dose of 2mg/kg. Another study has found that dogs given 4mg/kg of CBD over 26 weeks had no adverse effects, meaning CBD is safe for longer periods. A recent study found that dogs given CBD for over 90 days at 5mg/kg per day had no observed adverse effects.

What Else Can Help Dogs with Arthritis?

One way to naturally help a dog with arthritis is to reduce the strain on their joints. Low-impact exercises like walking or swimming may help strengthen the surrounding muscles, reducing joint pressure.

You can add supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid to your dog's diet to promote lubrication of the joints. Mobility CBD chews contain a supplemental dose of CBD and these natural ingredients to support your dog’s health.

Our CBD Mobility Bites are another good source of joint-supporting natural ingredients. They make it very easy to supplement your dog’s diet with mobility enhancing supplements, with a healthy base of nutrient-rich beef liver. Just use 1, 2 or 3 treats daily depending on your dog’s weight to support your dog’s health.

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