CBD for Cats: Benefits

CBD for Cats: Benefits

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So you've heard that CBD is good for cats. Maybe a friend or relative has mentioned how it helped calm their cat with age-related cognitive slowing, or gave a cat with arthritis and joint pain a second lease on life.

But what's the scoop? Is there really a benefit? Would CBD be a good choice for your cat? Where would you find a good CBD supplier?

We'll answer these questions and more! Read on!

What Are The Benefits of CBD For Cats?

Scientific studies on the effects of CBD products in cats are few and far between. Most of the information we have on the positive effects of CBD in cats come from owners, trainers, veterinarians, and others who have used CBD with cats and seen good results.

The positive effects we list here are those stories we've heard from folks who have used CBD with cats. We think they are pretty good evidence that CBD can help cats with a variety of problems.

CBD has been reported to help relieve the following in cats:

  • Pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Short-term anxieties (separation anxiety, vet-visit or grooming visits anxiety, etc)
  • Long-lasting anxiety from pain and discomfort associated with diseases (cancer, joint problems, etc)
  • Long-lasting anxiety from age-related problems (cognitive decline, etc.)

There are many reasons to believe that these and other effects will eventually be proven in scientific studies. 1 Until then, we recommend you discuss CBD with your veterinarian and work with them to try it with your cat!

Safety of CBD For Cats

There have been scientific studies on whether or not CBD is safe in cats.

This study showed that CBD oil that contains no THC has few adverse effects on cats.

This study showed that CBD oil with no THC showed few adverse effects on cats. This study lasted for 12 weeks and studied cats and dogs.

You'll notice that we emphasize no THC . This is because the studies currently out show that CBD products containing THC have more adverse effects on cats.

This is why our formulation is broad spectrum , not full spectrum .

Broad spectrum has all the parts of the hemp plant with no THC.

Full spectrum contains THC, which is toxic to pets. 2

Should I Use CBD For My Cat?

If your cat has pain or anxiety, ask your veterinarian if CBD is an appropriate choice.

CBD has a role in reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and decreasing inflammation. If your cat suffers from osteoarthritis, arthritis, other joint or bone problems, inflammation, or has anxiety or stress-related issues, CBD is worth considering.

Make sure to get a broad spectrum oil with no THC from a reputable supplier. A reputable supplier should be able to provide a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab showing exactly what is or isn't in their product.

We strongly recommend finding a CBD extract that uses MCT oil as a carrier. MCT oil has been found to help stabilize CBD compared to other oils, and it has nutritional value for cats. 3 4

Relievet provides certificates of analysis that show exactly what is in our products. You can have confidence you know what you're getting from us!

What Do Other Cat Owners Say About CBD?

I have a cat that gets cranky when anxious but when I give him these CPD treats, they seemed to calm him down a good bit. He's never liked eating treats so I crumble one on top of his food and he gobbles it up. Thanks Relievet! -Jayne

My cat had gradually stopped attempting jumping on furniture. After taking the first few doses of Relievet, he started jumping back up on the couches and the bed! He also sleeps curled up again, which he had abandoned and could only sleep stretched out. Thanks so much, Relievet! - P.C.

Just awesome, my cat is way less on edge since she started using Relievet. Very happy and fast shipping. - James

Dosage of CBD For Cats

Like any therapy, the best dose of CBD for your pet is the smallest dose that works . For that reason, we recommend you start at a lower dose and work your way up.

2mg/kg twice daily is the dose used in published studies. 5 If you're using CBD oil under the tongue, this is the highest starting dose we'd recommend as your cat will absorb the dose well.

If you are using treats or putting the oil in your cat's food, you may need a higher starting dose as some of the CBD will be lost in your cat's poop, and more of it will go straight to their liver to be broken down. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate starting dose and if your cat needs dose increases.

Best CBD Products For Cats

Relievet's stance is that our CBD oil is the best product for most pets. Giving it under the tongue ensures maximal absorption.

That said, we realize that many cats do not like having droppers and oil put under their tongue! For these picky pets, we recommend our salmon cat treats. They are freeze-dried and contain CBD extract and tuna or salmon -- all high quality ingredients you can read and pronounce easily!

If you do use the treats, you may need a higher dose as mentioned above. If you decide to increase the dose, do so gradually, watching for any side effects in your cat, and make sure to consult your veterinarian.

Where Can I Get CBD For Cats?

From us! We publish these articles to inform and educate on the benefits of CBD. We use it in our own pets for anxiety, stress, spastic behavior, arthritic stiffness and pain, and want other pet owners to have access to the same relief we provide our own pets.

Check out our CBD Oil for Cats and our Tuna and Salmon CBD Treats!


Many cat owners (including many of our customers!) have found CBD to help in managing their cat's spasticity, anxiety, stress, and pain. If you choose a high-quality oil or treats like those we offer for your pet, we think that you and your veterinarian will be pleased with the results.

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