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cbd oil for cats peeing

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Do you have a cat that keeps spraying in the house? It could be due to anxiety, stress, or other reasons.

Cats tend to pee where they’re supposed to – if your cat isn’t, it could be a sign something is medically wrong, or just that your cat is anxious or stressed.

This article will tell you how to use CBD oil to see if it can help stop this behavior from your cat.

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside Their Litterbox? Can CBD Oil Help My Cat?

Your cat might be peeing outside the litterbox for a few reasons. Most are easy to check and fix! We’ll cover them here.

New Pets

If your pet is having to compete with new pets for the same litterbox, try getting more of them and spacing them apart. Cats use peeing as a way of marking territory, and having only one litterbox increases the stress of going pee.

Litter Choice

If your cat is peeing outside the litter box and you just changed litter, that might be the problem. Cats don’t like the way certain litter feels. Try switching back or changing brands until you find one your cat likes!

Litter Box Location

Litter boxes should be in a location that’s easy to find, easy to get to, and easy for the cat to see if there is anything approaching. Cats feel vulnerable when they are using a litter box, so make sure that another cat can’t sneak up. Avoid putting litter boxes near loud appliances like dryers or washing machines.

Dirty Litter Box

Cats can smell much better than humans. Even if you think a cat’s litter box is clean, it may not be! Change litter at least every day. You may need to change it more often if you have multiple cats. Deep clean litter boxes at least weekly.

Stress or Anxiety

Cats will urinate outside litter boxes when they’re stressed or anxious. This can happen due to separation from you, pain, infection or sickness, or age and cognitive decline. Cognitive decline happens to humans and cats – as we age, our brains don’t work as well and that can cause fear, anxiety, and stress.

Why Is My Cat Spraying Urine?

If your cat is spraying pee outside the litterbox, it is marking territory. Cats can do this if they feel threatened by other cats, or if they’re anxious or stressed.

CBD Oil for cats can help with inappropriate urination related to stress or anxiety. It can also help reduce stress or anxiety due to certain kinds of pain or inflammation – CBD has been shown to relieve pain and inflammation!

How Do I Know Which CBD Oil Will Work Best For My Cat?

There are many different CBD oils available. Here’s what to look for in finding a good one:

Carrier Oil: Different carrier oils are used by various manufacturers. Hemp seed oil and MCT oil are the two more common oils used. Relievet uses MCT oil for its superior stability, health benefits, and because it helps your dog absorb CBD directly under their tongue.1

Weight-Based Dosing: Some CBD oil manufacturers state that dosing is not important or of little importance. This is not supported by studies or the way drugs and supplements are approved or used. Scientific studies look at specific dosing. Any safety or effectiveness results are based around specific doses. That’s why Relievet products always recommend starting at specific low doses and rely on doses from published studies.2

Broad-Spectrum vs. Full-Spectrum Oil: Broad spectrum oil contains all the good (CBD, terpenes, and other helpful chemicals) from the hemp plant with no THC. Full-Spectrum oils contain THC. THC is toxic to pets according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.3

Relievet only uses broad-spectrum oils, and each product lot has a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab showing it contains no THC. We strongly recommend avoiding manufacturers whose products contain even small amounts of THC.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil for Cats?

Here, of course! Relievet publishes the best information we can find on CBD related topics specifically to help pet owners like you understand why our product is best for you to use with your pet. We base our formulations on scientific research and make our dosing and directions as easy to use as possible using feedback from our customers.

You can find our CBD products for cats right here.

Does CBD Oil For Cats Work To Stop Cats Peeing?

As long as your cat’s inappropriate urination is due to stress an anxiety, we believe CBD oil is a reasonable choice. While large studies on cat anxiety and CBD aren’t published yet, our customers report success in helping their cats be less anxious and upset:

Chloe my cat is a little wild feline. She chases anything that moves and has recently become aggressive towards family members and friends. I don’t know why she suddenly started acting this way. My girlfriend said she uses CBD to her cat that has similar problems. I did some research online and chose this product. It definently works, I noticed a change almost instantly after giving her CBD. She is still a rambunctious kitty, but way better with other people. I never would have guessed that this would work. Very happy. - Julia

Greatest customer service experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Chris. My kitties love the salmon treats when I couldn’t get them to eat anything else! Now they’re so much calmer and fighting so much less, it’s such a relief. - Marion

What Dose Should I Use?


This is the dose most supported by published studies. We recommend it as a starting dose with careful, regular increases to a dose that works well for your pet.

As with any supplement, we recommend that you do this after consulting with your vet. Changing your pet’s supplements or medications should always be discussed with their care provider, just like you should talk about changing your medications with your doctor!

All of our products are specifically designed for ease in dosing. Buy the product that matches your pet’s weight and follow the direction to know how much to draw up and give them!

How Do I Give CBD Oil To My Cat?

If at all possible, we recommend giving CBD oil directly under your cat’s tongue. CBD treats or CBD oil given on food means that your cat digests it in their gut, which gives their liver a chance to “chew up” CBD in a process called the "first-pass effect."2

For our discussion, this means that your cat’s liver will break down much of the CBD dose, meaning you may need to use more to get the same results.

Giving CBD oil under the tongue (also called sublingually) allows it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, meaning more of the dose gets to where it can help your cat.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

CBD Oil can have side effects. They are not well studied in cats, but the studies that exist associate them with THC.4 As we’ve already discussed, THC is toxic for pets and should not be used in CBD formulations for them. Relievet’s lab-certified THC-free formulations are made this way specifically to avoid THC toxicity.


Cats peeing outside the litter box can be frustrating. We recommend that you go through our list of fixes for their litter situation first to see if that makes the problem better.

If you’re sure the litter box situation is fixed and your cat is still peeing where they shouldn’t, discuss the situation with your veterinarian to rule out infection or other serious medical conditions – and if you find out your cat is peeing due to stress or anxiety, discuss giving Relievet’s CBD oil for cats a try! We hope you watch your pet experience the same relief as our other customers see with theirs!


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