CBD Dog Treats for Hyper Dogs

CBD Dog Treats for Hyper Dogs

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There he goes again: Your dog is bouncing off the walls, tearing up the carpet, and peeing on the furniture. You’ve taken him for his walk, played with him, and gone through your daily training regimen — but now you need to get some work done.

What do you do for a hyper dog? A friend said to try CBD. But does CBD work for hyper canines? In this article, we’ll help you answer that question!

Does CBD Work for Hyper Dogs?

CBD has been studied and shown to help with pain in dogs. Its effects on anxiety and hyperactivity have not been well-studied in dogs at this time.

As a result, we have to rely on the reports and observations of owners and veterinarians. The author of this article has personally seen CBD treats relax his dogs, especially his spastic Australian shepherd!

Many of our customers report success when using our CBD oils and treats with their dogs for hyperactivity.

Given the CBD is shown to work on the endocannabinoid system in humans to help with similar conditions and dogs and humans have certain similarities between their endocannabinoid systems, we look forward to more studies that will help confirm our observations and the best dose for hyperactivity in dogs.

Benefits of CBD Treats vs. CBD Oil in Dogs

As you research CBD, you may see a lot of oil products available from different manufacturers (including Relievet!). This is because CBD oil is one of the most studied dose forms for dogs. It’s absorbed under their tongue and is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream than CBD from treats or food. From that perspective, it’s the best choice.

But a hyper dog doesn’t want to sit still and let you put oil under his tongue! In this case, a CBD treat is the way to go. Dogs eat them and still get a dose absorbed through their gut.

The main difference is that some of the CBD dosed from a treat will end up in your dog’s poop or broken down faster by their liver than CBD from CBD oil — meaning it may take a higher dose of CBD from a treat to get the same result as a lower dose from CBD oil.

Relievet recommends starting with the same starting dose (1-2mg/kg) even if you are using treats. The lowest dose that works is best no matter what product you are using. Cooperate with your veterinarian to work up to an effective, safe dose for your pet.

Is CBD Safe in Dogs?

Studies have been done to determine whether or not CBD is safe in dogs.

These studies establish that (for the periods the studies lasted) broad-spectrum CBD extracts (which contain no THC) appear not to harm dogs. The only side effects noted in most studies are loose stools at first and tiredness.

Extracts containing THC do have a higher incidence of negative side effects. This is why Relievet products do not contain any detectable THC.

How To Choose the Best CBD Treats for Your Dog

There are hundreds of different CBD treats available online from dozens of different manufacturers. Which are the best, and why?

Here’s what to look for:

  • The company’s CBD should be US sourced.
  • The company should provide certificates of analysis from a third party lab indicating CBD content, and showing that there are no toxins or growth in the product.
  • The CBD used should not contain THC, which has been shown to be toxic to dogs. Full spectrum CBD has THC, while broad spectrum does not.
  • The treats should contain few, easily-understood, safe ingredients. Treats with lots of extra ingredients and other additives may have side effects and treat something that’s not actually wrong with your dog.
  • The product should use weight-based dosing. Research on CBD in pets studies the use of CBD at doses that are based on the weight of the animal. Some manufacturers claim that dosing CBD accurately is not important. We at Relievet believe it is — weight-based dosing follows the science as currently published.

Why Relievet CBD Treats Are Best

  • Relievet uses US-sourced CBD in our products.
  • Relievet provides a certificate of analysis from a third party lab for all our products. You can be confident your dog is getting exactly what the label says.
  • Relievet uses THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD extract. Your dog isn’t going to get high or suffer from THC toxicity with our products.
  • Relievet treats have two ingredients! Just the CBD extract and either fish or a single root vegetable ingredient. These are healthy and safe for your dog and provide the flavoring and coloring for the treat as well. Our treats don’t need binders or preservatives because they’re freeze-dried. They keep well, they’re easy to dose, and there’s no unnatural binders or supplements your dog doesn’t need.
  • Relievet treats are specifically labeled and created for science-backed weight-based dosing . You can be confident your dog is getting a dose comparable to those used in the scientific studies published so far with our products.

How To Use Relievet CBD Treats With Your Dog

Following the directions and dose listed on the label for your dog’s weight, remove the appropriate amount of treats and feed them to your dog once or twice a day.

That’s it!


If you’re already using a sensible plan to help your dog wind down (exercise, obedience training, and giving them lots of attention) and you’re still struggling to have a quiet evening because they’re hyper, consider Relievet CBD treats. Talk to your vet and see if they’re right for your dog. We look forward to seeing your positive review alongside the hundreds of others we’ve received — just like this one that came in while this article was being authored!

CBD really helped our hyper Dalmatian before going to the dog park. He gets over excited and scares other dogs, gave him this 20 minutes before the park and he was a lot better. Will buy again. - Morris

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