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Meet the team behind Relievet, who work tirelessly to make products that improve the lives of animals. We all appreciate just how much pets contribute to our daily lives, and do everything we can to give back.

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Chris Kjølseth | CEO

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Chris, the founder of Relievet, has always had a love of animals but it was his late dog Biscuit who changed his life and the life of thousands of other dogs forever. Chris was inspired by Biscuit’s mobility issues to create a unique approach to CBD. He has developed innovative products such as broad-spectrum CBD oils for all sizes of animals and two-ingredient CBD treats for Dogs, Cats, and Birds. With his passion and dedication to animal welfare, Chris continues to lead the way in developing high-quality CBD products that help animals live healthier, more comfortable lives.

James Davis, PharmD | CSO

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James Davis is a father, husband, homesteader, do-it-yourselfer, writer, and Doctor of Pharmacy. He says that working with the team at Relievet is some of the most fun and most meaningful work he does. He also love sethnobotany and studying how plants, fungi, and other life can better existence for us and our pets.

Gabrielle K, MA | CMO

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Gabrielle’s love for animals began at a young age and she started her journey as a dog-walker at the age of 14. Her dedication and affection for pets have only grown stronger over the years, and now she splits her time between her role at Relievet and caring for her two dogs and four cats. She brings her knowledge of current marketing trends and her poodle to work on a regular basis.

Lucian K | Developer

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Working at Relievet, Lucian has mastered the critical systems that make our website work. He is dedicated to crafting the best possible customer experience, and has bootstrapped custom systems up and down our tech stack to enhance our site's functionality and reliability.

Pet Experts

From our droppers to our dosage and our labels to our lab results, we verify everything with our veterinary experts. All of our products, and every word you read on our website has been checked for safety and accuracy by board certified veterinarians or licensed pharmacists.

DR. Nicole Wanner, DVM, PH.D.

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Dr. Nicole Wanner is a veterinarian and published scientific researcher. She studies the effects of CBD as a Ph.D. candidate and writes and edits articles to help pet owners stay up to date on the latest veterinary research. She shares her home with Sylvie and Nemo, a pair of former barn kittens she adopted with her partner Evan in 2014.

Sara Ochoa, DVM.

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Sara Ochoa, DVM, graduated from St. George’s University Veterinary School in 2015. Since then, she has been at a small and exotic animal practice in Texas. She loves making quilts and spending time with her husband Greg and their 4 fur kids in her free time. There are two dogs, Ruby a Schnoodle, Bug, a Japanese Chin, one cat named OJ, and a leopard tortoise named Monkey.

  • USDA Organic Certified


    We strive to push the boundaries of natural pet health through research and development. We work with veterinarians and Ph.D. chemists to ensure our products are safe and effective for animals.  

  • Manufacturing

    We manufacture these products to the highest standards set out by federal, state, and local governments. Everything we sell is made in our custom-built lab and cleanroom in San Diego. We use only human-grade ingredients in our products. 

  • Testing

    Every batch of every product we produce is third-party tested at a DCC and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited cannabis testing lab to ensure safety and accurate potency. We display all of these results online for full transparency.

  • Research

    Our professional research team finds pet health topics that are of interest to our readers. We then research the topic thoroughly, using only credible sources.

  • Expert Review

    Once written, the draft is reviewed and edited internally for accuracy and thoroughness. We then pass the article to our veterinary and pharmaceutical team, who make necessary edits and ensure medical accuracy. 

  • Publication

    The final draft is then published by our marketing team and circulated throughout our various media channels. To date, we have more than two million readers.

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