CBD for Arthritis in Birds: Taking Flight Once More

March 14, 2024
CBD for arthritis in birds

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Arthritis is a common condition that affects many birds as they age. If your feathered friend is suffering from stiff joints, difficulty moving, and pain due to arthritis, CBD oil for birds may provide natural relief.

What is Arthritis in Birds?

Birds can develop arthritis in their legs, feet, and spine, leading to inflammation, swelling, and degeneration of the joints. Common symptoms include limping, reluctance to move, and visible joint swelling. Arthritis is often caused by previous injuries, infections, or simply the wear and tear of aging.

How Can CBD Help Birds with Arthritis?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in hemp that has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Research suggests that CBD can reduce pain and inflammation in arthritic joints in birds.

CBD has been shown by studies to be very safe for use in birds. One study found that parrots given up to 120mg/kg CBD (about 30x our highest recommended amount) showed no adverse effects.

Another study found that CBD given to parrots twice daily was safe and well tolerated. The study also found that metabolism of CBD may differ between animals (the birds in the study were given 30-32.5mg/kg twice daily), so birds may require a higher amount of it relative to other animals like dogs.

While studies on CBD use for arthritis in birds are limited, there is promising research demonstrating its benefits for arthritis in dogs, which can be seen as an analog for birds. One study found that CBD oil significantly decreased pain and increased activity in dogs with osteoarthritis. Given the similarities in the ECS (endocannabinoid systems) of birds and mammals, as well as their reactions, CBD likely offers similar therapeutic potential for our avian companions.

Using CBD Oil and Treats for Birds with Arthritis

CBD can be administered to birds either as an oil or in the form of CBD-infused treats. The product you choose will be determined by which will work for your unique situation. If you anticipate having difficulty giving your bird the oil, try the treats. If you want to make sure you have a wide and easily adjustable usage amount available, go for the oil.

Generally inflammation can take a while to decrease, so it’s best to give your bird CBD consistently twice daily for 1-2 weeks for mobility related issues.

How to Use CBD Oil for Birds

CBD Oil for Birds can be directly administered in the mouth, or it can be added to a portion of food or water (it floats on top) the bird will quickly eat. Relievet CBD Oil comes in different strengths to make sure that your bird gets the right amount.

Which Product to pick

Bird Weight (g) Bird Weight [lb] Product
67-1000 0.14 - 2.20 30mg CBD oil
1000 - 2267 2.20 - 5 150mg CBD oil
2267+ 5+ 400mg CBD oil

Our usage calculator makes it very easy to see exactly how much CBD Oil and what strength will work for your bird. It will also let you see how long the bottle will last. We recommend getting at least a 30 day’s supply for your bird.

  • If your bird is taking other supplements we suggest starting low with 0.25m/kg twice daily. Consult with your veterinarian prior to giving your bird CBD to ensure your bird’s best possible outcome.

  • We generally recommend starting at 1mg/kg twice a day(our regular low dose). This has a good chance of improving your bird’s mobility..

  • If 1mg/kg does not work, going up to 2mg/kg twice a day will enhance the effects of the CBD and increase the chance that your bird’s mobility will see improvement.

How to Use CBD Pineapple Bites for Birds

CBD Pineapple Bites for birds offer a convenient and delicious way to provide a daily dose of anti-inflammatory relief. You can give them the treats directly, crumble them and use as topper, or add a couple drops of water to rehydrate them if your bird prefers wet food.

Usage table

Bird Weight (g) Bird Weight (lbs) Product
67 - 1000 0.27 - 2.20 60mg CBD Bird Bites

The jar has a table telling you how many treats to use and how frequently. For most birds this will be 1-3 treats at a time twice daily. Since they are digested, the effects of treats last longer.

How to Choose CBD for Your Bird

When using CBD for your bird, always choose products specifically formulated for pets from a reputable source which has third-party lab results. Follow dosing instructions carefully and monitor your bird’s response. CBD is considered safe with minimal side effects, but it’s always best to consult with your avian veterinarian before starting any new supplement.

You should also look for a CBD Oil that is USDA Certified Organic, as this means its manufacture has been inspected by the USDA, and they have concluded that every step of the process, from the field to the bottle, is organic and free from anything that could be dangerous for your bird. The logo should appear on the product itself.


CBD offers a natural option to help ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis in birds. By reducing joint discomfort and improving mobility, CBD for birds can greatly enhance your bird’s quality of life. Consider trying CBD oil or pineapple treats to help your feathered friend find relief.

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