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CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs

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Relievet USDA Organic CBD Oil for Dogs can be used for both small and large dogs to enhance their well-being. Hand made in the USA.
  • USDA Organic (Certified by OneCert¬ģ)
  • Dosage chart on bottle in drops
  • Easily drop in mouth or on food
  • No artificial flavors (only 2 ingredients)
  • No additives, preservatives, GMO's, solvents, or fillers
  • Ink-free embossed Dog-safe dropper
  • Made with USDA organic coconut MCT oil, which dogs love
  • Made specifically for dogs (Broad-Spectrum)
  • Veterinarian & pharmacist approved formulation
  • Made in our FDA-registered and third-party inspected clean facility
  • Free shipping (Free 2-day over $100)
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 3rd-party lab tested
  • Great for dogs of every breed and size


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract:

We source the finest Organically grown US hemp plants to create this extract rich in CBD, CBDV, CBC, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is C02 extracted and then goes through a state-of-the-art organic process to filter down THC levels naturally without the separation of cannabinoids.

Fractioned Coconut Oil (MCT Oil):

It is made from only the finest organically grown coconuts. The healthy fats in this superfood dramatically increase absorption by rapidly carrying CBD to the bloodstream.


Each of our bottles contains 30ml of oil, and each 1ml dropper contains 30 drops, for a total of 900 drops per bottle.

1/4 dropper = 0.25ml = 7 drops

1/2 dropper = 0.5ml = 15 drops

3/4 dropper = 0.75ml = 22

Please use our CBD dosage calculator for dogs to determine the correct dosage for your dog.

If you have any questions about dosage, get in touch!

150mg CBD oil: 5mg CBD/ ml, 0.17mg CBD/ drop

400mg CBD Oil: 13.3mg CBD/ ml, 0.44mg CBD/ drop

800mg CBD oil: 26.7mg CBD/ ml, 0.89mg CBD/ drop

1500mg CBD Oil: 50mg CBD/ ml, 1.67mg CBD/ drop

4000mg CBD oil: 133.3mg CBD/ ml, 4.44mg CBD/ drop

6000mg CBD Oil: 200mg CBD/ ml, 6.67mg CBD/ drop

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international shiping policy

Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make the situation right, including replacing the product free of charge, providing an alternative, or refunding you.

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Lab Results

Lab Results for Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Distillate (Oil, Salve)

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CBD Oil for dogs dosage calculator

How much does your dog weigh?

How strong a dose does your dog require?

Enter your dog's weight above to begin

CBD Oil recommendations (scroll right to see more)

150mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

400mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

800mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

1500mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

4000mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

6000mg cbd oil for dogs

One dose:

1x daily will last:

2x daily will last:

  • USDA Organic

  • FDA-Registered Facility

  • Made In USA

  • Vet & Pharmacist Approved

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

  • Unparalleled Expert Support

Product Description

Relievet CBD oil is made from only clean C0‚āā-extracted broad-spectrum CBD and organic Coconut MCT oil, which work in harmony to maximize the impact of CBD for Dogs.

Simple, pure, and easy to dose, these CBD drops can be placed in your Dog's mouth or put in food for effective and consistent results.

Our CBD Dog tinctures are great tasting and don't contain any artificial or added flavors; only two of the finest human-grade ingredients nature has to offer.

You can take comfort in knowing that every batch is handmade in our FDA-registered, third-party-inspected, clean facility in the USA. At Relievet, Dogs are family, and they deserve the best.

cbd oil for dogs benefits

What Is Relievet CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil has changed my life, the life of my dog Biscuit, and those around me more than I could have imagined.

This CBD oil formulation was initially developed in 2018 to help my late dog Biscuit deal with her mobility issues, which it did, but in a very different way from the products that existed at the time. You see, not all CBD products have the same effects on dogs. There's a wide variety in dosage recommendations and even in the cannabinoids that make up these products. I realized this five years ago when I tried to find a product for Biscuit and realized she deserved something better.

Since then, I've spearheaded the development of all kinds of CBD products for animals. I've been involved in every aspect of the business, from selecting ingredients and manufacturing to website development and customer service. I've heard the stories of thousands of pet parents who've used Relievet CBD oil for their dogs with excellent results.

CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant, but what exactly is a cannabinoid? A cannabinoid is a compound similar in structure to endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced in the bodies of all animals. This similarity gives cannabinoids the ability to influence your dog's endocannabinoid system (ECS) indirectly. The ECS is deeply rooted in your dog's central and peripheral nervous systems.

These nervous systems control everything from conscious movement and sensation to automatic bodily functions such as digestion - which means that your dog's endocannabinoid system can also affect these bodily processes.

People often wonder why CBD is said to be so helpful for such a wide range of issues; in short, it is because it affects the ECS, which is linked to everything from mobility and metabolism to mood and overall wellness.

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What Does It Do?

Dogs are family, and they can suffer from many of the same ailments as us. As loving pet parents, we want to help in any way we can. It's not surprising to hear that more and more people are working with their veterinarian to see if CBD can present a natural solution to keep their dog's issues at bay.

Many thousands of studies have demonstrated that not only is CBD incredibly safe, but it has the potential to help with many of the problems our fur family face.


80% of dogs over the age of eight develop mobility and hip issues. Often these conditions are degenerative, which means they don't go away over time. Finding a gentle solution that can be used long-term is vital. CBD works with your dog's endocannabinoid system to reduce the aches and discomforts associated with hip and joint issues, helping your dog live out their golden years to the fullest.

Relieve Discomforts Like Muscle Aches And Joint Stiffness

I like to be involved with our customers, and I can't count how many stories I've heard of dogs dealing with discomfort from various issues. Pet parents have often tried many things but are still searching for a way to help their dogs in the gentlest way possible. CBD helps promote both physical and mental comfort.

Inflammatory Response

Inflammation is a side effect of many of the issues our dogs face. CBD has the incredible ability to influence the inflammatory response, not only in dogs but in people and other animals.

Calming/Stress Relief

Just like us, our dogs deal with stress and over-excitement. We want to find a natural way to help them if we can. CBD can help bring unbalanced emotions back to equilibrium and calm dogs, enabling them to relax.

Neuroprotective Properties

Neurological issues are one of the scariest things to witness as a pet parent or dog owner. The cause is almost always unknown, and treatments can leave much to be desired. I've been contacted by more than a few people looking for a better way to help their canine companions. While you should always seek guidance on treatment from a vet or veterinary neurologist, many vets are already aware of CBD's potential neuroprotective and calming properties.


Dogs are family, and we want to spend as much time with them as possible. CBD has demonstrated its ability to increase energy for dogs in the later stages of life, and some research has even hinted at it having an impact on longevity.

Overall Wellness

Because the endocannabinoid system has close ties to the central and peripheral nervous systems, it can influence a variety of bodily functions that contribute to overall wellness.

Maintain Healthy Appetite

When Frank came into our office, wrapped in a blanket, he was weak. He had never eaten a solid meal in his ten weeks of life. Nobody knew what was wrong with him, and he had been under constant veterinary care with no solution in sight. I told his mom, "There's no way to know if CBD could help, but I know there is no harm in trying."

We gave him his first dropper of CBD oil right there in the office, and I gave her my contact details so she could let me know how he did. She sent me an email 2 hours later with a video of Frank eating some warm chicken broth, the first meal he had eaten on his own (you can see that video below).

How To Choose The Best CBD For Dogs?

More and more pet parents are turning to CBD oil, but how do you choose the best when faced with so much information and so many options? Here are the following things you need to know to ensure your dog has the best experience with CBD oil.

Full Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, or Isolate(s)?

CBD is just one of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD on its own is called CBD isolate. The difference between that and full or broad spectrum is what other cannabinoids they contain. Full spectrum is the most complete plant profile, meaning it has all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in the original plant, including psychoactive components like THC.

Broad spectrum is similar to full spectrum but with one important exception: broad spectrum has the THC reduced to non-detectable levels. When you purchase CBD oil, knowing the difference between these is essential because you are purchasing a product that contains different cannabinoids that do different things.

Studies, surveys, and many pet parents have indicated that some dogs can be extra sensitive to THC, even in the very low levels found in a full-spectrum CBD oil. The exact amount that causes a visible reaction is different for every dog, even if they are the same weight.

Broad-spectrum CBD products (like the ones we make at Relievet) are often the first choice amongst pet parents as they know dogs cant tell you if they want to feel the effects of even a little THC.

Extraction Method

Even though full spectrum products contain the most complete plant profile, they still have many parts removed, like the waxy lipids and chlorophyll that make up a large part of the hemp plant. This process is called extraction, and several different methods can be used. The ones you'll want to avoid involve unnatural solvents like butane and hexane.

These methods are less expensive for the producer but can leave undesirable chemicals in the final product. Our preferred method is CO2 extraction. After separating the plant parts and returning to normal room temperature and pressure, the CO2 turns into a gas, leaving behind a clean final product. Cannabinoids and terpenes can all be extracted from the hemp plant using CO2 in varying forms.

To get to the desired broad-spectrum extract, the full-spectrum oil must undergo another process to reduce the THC. Make sure to purchase a broad spectrum product that achieves this organically, ensuring the best for your pet family.

Which Carrier Oil Is Best?

The next most important ingredient in any CBD oil for dogs is the carrier oil. The most common carrier oils are hemp seed oil and coconut MCT oil.

Hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant yet does not contain the beneficial levels of cannabinoids found in the flowers and leaves, like CBD.

Coconut MCT oil is similar to coconut oil but does not solidify at room temperature. Studies on MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil have shown that it can have neuroprotective properties and help maintain a healthy metabolism. MCT oil is an excellent carrier oil because it's processed quickly by the body as energy rather than being stored as fat, which helps CBD be absorbed more effectively.

While hemp seed oil is green and has a strong nutty, herbal aroma, coconut MCT oil is clear and has a mild taste which dogs love. Another significant difference between the two is that hemp seed oil has a shorter shelf life (about a year), whereas MCT oil stays fresh for longer (about two years).

We're proud to say that we only use the highest quality USDA organic coconut MCT oil in our CBD oil for dogs.


Both full and broad-spectrum CBD oils contain terpenes. Terpenes are the natural flavors found in everything from lemons to lavender. They are believed to have many benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-microbial. They also play an essential role in the entourage effect, which is the theory that all the combined plant parts have a more significant impact than the sum of their isolated components. A quality product should always contain Terpenes.

Other Ingredients

Always check the label on a CBD oil for dogs as you'll want to be aware of any added ingredients or flavors. Even essential oils can have a very profound effect on dogs. And it's generally recommended to take them separately as they will very likely not align with the dosage of CBD.

Many CBD oils that use hemp seed oil as a carrier will contain added flavors to mask the strong herby taste. Meanwhile, dogs generally love the taste of coconut oil, so a product that uses MCT oil as a carrier oil will be palatable to most dogs with only two ingredients.

Both natural and artificial flavors in pet foods are always made up of many ingredients but are typically listed as only one on the label. The reality is when added flavors are used, even if they're natural, it's impossible to know what the final product contains.

USDA Organic

Unfortunately, supplements made for animals are not regulated. This means that quality can vary wildly, primarily based on whether the company prioritizes profit or pets. One way to tell if a product is high quality is to look for the USDA Organic logo.

Having just gone through the arduous process of obtaining USDA organic certification for Relievet CBD oils, I can speak to the quality and safety this certification ensures, from the seed to the final product. We have a 20-page organic system plan ensuring that everything in our facility is 100% organic.

Always check the organic integrity database to see that the final seller of the product, or in our case, the manufacturer, is listed. Because of the lack of regulation, many companies make organic claims but are not actually listed, meaning they do not have an organic system plan and have not been inspected by a third party.

Where Is It Made?

I can share all this information because I developed our CBD oil for my dog Biscuit from the ground up, with the help of chemists, pharmacists, and veterinarians along the way. That meant finding out which extracts are safest for dogs and sourcing the most beneficial carrier oils. Since then, we've built our lab and clean room and produced hundreds of batches of CBD oil for dogs. We've obtained manufacturing certifications and are even registered with the FDA, meaning we are subject to inspections at any time.

We hold ourselves to these high standards, but be aware that they are voluntary, so most CBD products for pets are not made to our exacting standards.

Lab Testing

Every CBD product for dogs should be tested at multiple stages before it reaches your doorstep. The extract should be tested for everything possible, even if it's organically grown. Such testing ensures there are no microbial bacteria, industrial solvents, heavy metals, or toxins, and that the product contains legal levels of cannabinoids.

The final CBD oils should be tested for potency to show that they contain what's listed on the label. This should be done for every batch. Always check that lab tests are recent so you don't end up with a product that's been sitting for a long time. Relievet lab results from a 3rd party lab are posted here and updated frequently for full transparency.


Always look for plastic pet-safe droppers with no ink printed on them. The ink printed on plastic will run off in the oil and leave contaminants that could have an unknown effect on your dog.

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dog licking cbd oil drops

Why Choose Relievet?

While Relievet's first CBD oil was made to help just one dog with mobility issues, we now have a range of CBD tinctures from 150 mg to 6000 mg so that dogs of all breeds and sizes can benefit. In every aspect of our business, from where we source our ingredients to how we treat our customers, we do everything we can to ensure you and your dog have the best experience possible.

Who Are We?

Nowadays, more than ever, pet parents care about where and who they're buying products from. So who are we?

I'm Chris, and I started this company back in 2018 because I felt dogs deserved better than what was available at that time. For the first year, while I always consulted with veterinarians and the latest research, it was just me, making products, shipping them, packing them, and handling every customer service issue that came up.

While it wasn't easy, I was driven by our customer's success stories, and I'm grateful to say that it's not just me anymore. I was lucky - Relievet's mission drew amazing people to want to work with me.

The first person who started working with me was Jason. He holds an MBA, runs our lab, and still makes most of our products himself, with some help from me and his assistant. Most recently, he spearheaded the effort to get our USDA organic certification. When I'm too busy to answer the phone, often Jason will - he's a wealth of knowledge.

James, who recently joined our cause, is a Doctor of Pharmacy who's been able to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products and help us stay at the forefront of the CBD industry.

We're still a small team of fewer than ten people, but each and every one of us is passionate about helping pets.

Where Do We Make CBD Oil?

Pet parents have expressed concern over where products for their dogs are made. We're proud to tell you that we make all Relievet products in our 3rd-party inspected and FDA-registered clean facility in San Diego, California. Because we manufacture USDA organic products, everything down to the soaps and cleaning products we use are organic, and our facility and production processes have been inspected to verify that.

How Is It Made?

Relievet CBD oil is made by combining organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract with organic fractionated coconut oil in the correct ratios for dogs.

We use coconut MCT oil because it has unique properties which help CBD be absorbed better, as well as science-backed benefits in the areas of Appetite, neurology, inflammatory response, and more.

We make our CBD oils in small batches, so each product is personally attended to, and always fresh.


The best CBD oil for dogs starts with the best ingredients. We source only the finest USDA organic hemp plants and coconuts. All our ingredients are human-grade, 100% natural, and I've taste-tested them personally before giving them to any dog. Our CBD is CO2 extracted (guaranteeing that it is free of harmful solvents) and grown in the USA.

Quality Control and Lab-Testing

At Relievet, we think a quality product starts from the seed. The coconuts that make our MCT oil and the American Hemp plants that produce our CBD are tracked from field to shelf and tested multiple times before they ever reach your doorstep.

But we don't just say this; we are listed on the USDA organic integrity database and have an extensive system plan ensuring consistent quality and safety. We are even inspected by third parties randomly to verify this.

Our CBD extract is third-party tested to ensure it is free of pesticides, solvents, microbial bacteria, and heavy metals. Every batch of every product is also tested to ensure it contains exactly what it says on the label.

Paw-sibly The Best Customer Service Ever

I don't expect you to take my word for how we treat our customers and their pets.

Before buying any CBD product, including this one, I encourage you to look at the reviews. See if all reviews are published. Dig into the bad reviews and see how they were handled or if they were just ignored. Some of our best customers were initially upset, but after seeing how much we care and working with us to find a solution, they turned into some of our biggest fans.

It's not always simple using CBD oil for your dog. But if you need help or guidance, our small but passionate team of CBD experts will always do everything possible to help. You can give us a call at (858) 352-6935 or
send an email to


All this quality might lead you to think we'd be the most expensive CBD oil for dogs, but precisely the opposite is true. We can offer extreme quality at an excellent price because we make all our products in-house, dramatically reducing our costs (other companies often buy their products from an outside source and re-label them).

Our 6000 mg CBD oil for dogs is less than 3 cents per MG of CBD when purchased on subscription.

Yet our broad-spectrum extract is the most expensive type of CBD to produce, roughly 3x the cost of an organic full-spectrum extract. And while many companies claim to be organic, we have invested the time and money to be a legitimate USDA organic manufacturer.

We have even designed our CBD oil for dogs to be the most cost-effective solution available. Read on into dosing, and I'll explain exactly what I mean.


When you give CBD oil to your dog, you need to give them a dose of CBD based on their weight. A big dog generally requires more than a small dog to see the same benefits. When you pick a Relievet product, you can choose one based on your dog's weight above, and the dosage your dog needs will be printed right on the bottle when it arrives.

For most situations, we suggest starting at the low dose and working your way up, if needed. The range is listed in drops, and every dropper holds 30 drops. Simply pull up some oil into the dropper and count out the number of drops you need.

Take note of the amount of oil that came out of the dropper; the next time, you can use it without having to count the drops. This step is important because the most effective way to give CBD oil to a dog is to squirt it under their tongue.

I mentioned before that this CBD oil is not only the best value per MG, but it can also be the best value long-term CBD option for dogs. You can use the dosage calculator to find out how cost-effective it is. This method can also enable you to give only a small amount of oil rather than a large volume if your dog is on a diet. Just enter your dog's weight in the calculator below and select either the low or high dose, and you'll see all the possible CBD oils you could use for your dog and how long the bottle will last in days.

You'll notice that a 25-pound dog on a low dose would use 12 drops of our 800 mg CBD oil, which would last 35 days if given 2x a day, but if you scroll to the right, you'll see that they can get the same amount of CBD by using only two drops of our 4000 mg CBD oil for dogs. If they use that product 2x a day, it will last an incredible 176 days, which would be much more cost-effective in the long term.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Possible Side Effects?

Pet parents often express concerns about the side effects of drugs for their pets. CBD has gained massive popularity for animals as it can help with many of the issues dogs face with minimal side effects, if any. While side effects can occur, it has been shown that they are reversible by either lowering the dose or stopping the use of the product. The possible side effects of broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs are:

- salivation/lip licking
- nausea
- loose stools
- dehydration

At higher doses, your dog may experience some drowsiness. At lower doses, we frequently hear that dogs, especially elderly dogs, have an increase in activity levels.

Can CBD Replace My Dogs Medications?

Any condition your dog has should only ever be diagnosed by a veterinarian, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, cancer, seizures, and more. Veterinarians are qualified to advise on treatment and whether CBD can be a part of that. Veterinarians in California, as of 2022, are allowed to discuss CBD as a potential treatment ; many veterinarians have recommended Relievet CBD oil for dogs. We are also actively conducting research with our CBD oils to help further the field of CBD for dogs.

How To Limit Possible Side Effects?

While the possible side effects of Relievet CBD oil for dogs are mild, if you are concerned, you can limit risk by starting with a low dose and increasing it gradually, even a single drop, if you'd like. If you have concerns about giving any natural supplement to your dog, it's always best to consult your vet.

Does CBD interact With Other Medications?

Even though CBD from hemp is 100% natural, it can interact with other medications. If your pet takes other medications or supplements, we advise talking to your vet and getting the OK. If your veterinarian has questions, please let them know they can contact us during business hours with questions for our in-house pharmacist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't you need a little THC to make CBD effective?

No, the vast majority of studies on CBD were done with isolate, which means no THC was involved in producing the results. THC is psychoactive and can have side effects.

The largest survey, which was done by the AHVMA (600 pet parents were asked) demonstrated side effects may happen in 1/5th of dogs using products containing close to 0.3% THC.

The closest science has come to linking them is demonstrating CBD to reduce the intoxicating side effects of high THC doses, which is likely where this common misconception originated.

At Relievet, we think of dogs as our children; that's why we use broad spectrum extract.

Is It Legal?

Relievet CBD oil for dogs is a 100% legal product thanks to the 2018 farm bill in the USA. It is also permitted for sale in many other countries, the list of which we are constantly updating (you can read that list here). Reach out to us if you feel it is legal to ship to your country but do not see it listed as an option.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is similar in structure to endocannabinoids produced naturally by humans, dogs, and all animals. This similarity allows it to indirectly influence your dog's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which has ties to the central and peripheral nervous system. This connection gives CBD the ability to impact a wide range of physical and psychological effects ranging from mood to discomfort and even altered neurology.

Will It Get My Dog High?

Relievet CBD oil for dogs cannot and will not get your dog high. It does not contain any THC, the famous part of the cannabis plant that causes intoxication and the feeling of being "high." Our unique extract contains a whole host of other beneficial plant parts, but the THC has been organically removed.

A Few Members Of Our Pet Family