CBD for Cats Joint Pain

Key Takeaway: CBD has been proven effective for join pain in dogs and humans, who share a similar endocannabinoid system to cats. A broad spectrum CBD product doesn't contain THC, and will not get cats high. An effective way to give cats CBD oil is to put some onto their feet, at which point they will lick it off.

CBD for Cats Joint Pain

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Your beloved kitty is getting on with age. One day you realize she’s just not getting up and around like she used to. Her stride is shorter, she’s not leaping up on the sofa to get petted as easily, and she seems less willing to move. Her quality of life is suffering.

Arthritis and joint pain can affect up to 90% of cats once they reach the age of 12.

The first line of therapy usually used are medications called NSAIDs. They are known to help ease joint pain, but can come with serious side effects. These include ulcers and kidney disease.

If there were a chance you could relieve your kitty’s joint pain with less risk of serious side effects, you’d take it. If your cat does need NSAIDs, you’d also take the opportunity to use a lower dose.

This is where a good CBD product can help.

Does CBD Work for Feline Joint Pain?

CBD is proven to work for joint pain in mammals, including humans and dogs. Once CBD is studied in cats, we believe science will prove the relief our customers have already seen in their cats:

Our black cat Salem was getting very old and finally one day we noticed that she was walking kind of strange. We ran out and bought these drops and within minutes she had straightened up and was walking perfectly. By the next day it was like years had been taken off of her. Sadly she just passed away a few days ago, but this product gave her the quality of life she deserved in that last stretch. I can’t thank this company enough for having given us that. - Jenifer


My cat had gradually stopped attempting jumping on furniture. After taking the first few doses of Relievet, he started jumping back up on the couches and the bed! He also sleeps curled up again, which he had abandoned and could only sleep stretched out. Thanks so much, Relievet! -P.C.

How Does CBD Help Cats With Joint Pain?

Cats, dogs, humans, and other animals have endocannabinoid systems. This system in our bodies has a role in many things. These include pain relief, learning, memory, mood, and maintaining homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the healthy, balanced state all the systems in our body work to maintain.

The relief that our customers have seen in their pets is CBD working with their endocannabinoid systems. It relieves pain and decreases inflammation without the risk of ulceration and kidney damage of NSAIDs.

Will CBD Make Your Cat High?

Some cat owners are afraid to use any hemp products for fear that they will make their cat have a high.

This is true for some hemp products, but not all. The hemp plant contains many different phytochemicals (plant chemicals), each with different effects.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the phytochemical that is responsible for causing a high. Relievet avoids using this in our cat products because we have yet to see any research that shows it’s beneficial in cats. We also know that it can lead to increased side effects and panic attacks in dogs.

Relievet uses broad-spectrum CBD with the THC removed for cat products. This means that your cat gets the pain-relieving, inflammation-reducing effects of CBD without any risk of a high from THC.

What Is The Best Kind of CBD for Cats With Joint Pain?

The best kind of CBD to use with your cat is an oil based product, like Relievet’s CBD Oil for Cats. This is because CBD oil is absorbed inside the mouth of your cat, through the lining of the mouth and the tongue. More of it gets into their bloodstream and to the places in the body where it needs to work.

If your cat won’t tolerate taking an oil, you can also use treats — but the dose will likely need to be higher (about 3-6x as much). We make treats specifically for cats that don’t like to take oils!

How Do I Give CBD to My Cat With Joint Pain?

We’ve discovered that the easiest way to give your cat CBD oil (the best product to use if you can) is to rub a little on the pads of their feet. They lick it off and ingest it directly in a way that makes sure it spends time in their mouth.

It also avoids the unpleasant experience of fighting to get a dropper in their mouth!

If your cat won’t cooperate even with this method, we recommend putting the oil on a favorite food or treat, or using our pre-made treats. You will need to use a higher dose with this method. Follow the directions on the treat container, or use 3-6x as much oil.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Per the research so far, yes. CBD has been studied in cats for safety and shown not to have serious negative side effects.

Even the slight side effects were for products containing THC. Relievet’s products for cats have no THC content, ensuring that your feline friend will have the most benefit with the least risk.

What Should I Tell My Vet Before Using CBD With My Cat?

Relievet recommends discussing any new therapy with your vet. This is especially critical if your cat is taking any other medication or has any history of disease. Every pet’s situation is different and only a veterinarian can guide you in navigating your pet’s individual health.

We are happy to answer your (or your vet’s!) questions on our products, CBD, dosing, or anything else. Just reach out to us!

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