How Worms Might Help Your Pet Live 18% Longer

Chris Kjolseth, CEO | Relievet - August 28th 2022

Dog with Gummy Worm

Worms might hold the secret to your pets living longer. 

Specifically, a group of earthworms who lived out their lives from start to finish in a Canadian lab.

I know this may seem weird, but to explain exactly how these worms might help your pet, first I’ve got to tell you about my dog, Biscuit.

To say Biscuit lived an active life would be an understatement. Ever since she was a puppy, she’d spend her days running and playing. I’d take her on walks, to the beach, and to dog parks. ​​

Unfortunately, at age 10, she started to limp after trips to the dog park. It broke my heart to see her in pain doing what she loved the most. I started feeding her a raw food diet and added high-quality supplements to ensure her nutritional needs were met. Unfortunately, while she loved the food, the limping persisted.

I decided to go to the vet. They quickly diagnosed her with arthritis and prescribed a drug to help.

Her limping stopped, and she was in less visible pain. For the first week, it seemed that this was the solution…

A few days later, it was to my absolute shock that she snapped at Gravy (my other dog) when eating dinner. She had never been aggressive before, so I guessed it must be due to the medication.

I’d have to try something else, but this time, I realized I would need to do some of my own research instead of just blindly listening to others.

The research I did horrified me. I quickly learned that many of the most widely used pharmaceutical drugs given to pets were not designed for them, they were developed for people. They are given to pets off-label¹, which means they don't have to go through large safety studies.

What’s worse is that even though many of these drugs carry the risk of severe side-effects and even deaths in pets, they are consistently given to them for non life-threatening issues. Its true that in some cases they can save lives, and that only a vet can diagnose your pet, but I think the benefits of the treatment should always outweigh the risks.

I’m the kind of person that when something takes my interest, I go all in and get obsessed. I read literally hundreds of studies, and the more I learned, the more concerned I became about my options.

But I wasn’t ready to give up hope for Biscuit yet.

Biscuit and Gravy

Picture: Gravy (left), Biscuit (right)

See, I read about one ingredient that veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe (or even talk about in many places) because of the Veterinary Medical Board². That ingredient was CBD.

CBD seemed to promise many of the same benefits as that other drug, but with far fewer downsides.

At the same time, I could see why the Veterinary Medical Board was wary of CBD. For one, there have been studies showing that full-spectrum CBD with even trace amounts of THC, could cause ataxia³ (a disorder that causes a loss of coordination) in dogs.

Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain than humans do, so it would make sense that THC would affect them so strongly. Many of the CBD pet products on the market are simply human products re-labeled for pets--but most CBD products made for humans are not suitable for dogs. It could basically get them high, and getting a dog high is as bad as getting an infant high, at least, in my opinion.

Another reason the Veterinary Board could be against CBD is due to the flooding of novelty CBD and hemp products into the market. It’s a largely unregulated industry, so unethical companies make grand claims about their products and end up selling cheap products with no active ingredients, or not enough ingredients to for a pet to benefit.⁵,⁶

Yet still, my ample research convinced me that CBD - as long as it was the right kind, at a scientifically-backed correct dosage, could return Biscuit to her former, energetic, limp-free self.

See, CBD works in a way different from most pharmaceuticals. To explain is simply, CBD naturally brings balance back to the body and nervous system, whereas drugs tend to stop or change things entirely. Studies show that CBD does this with minimal, if any, side effects.

I don’t know for sure, but big pharma may know this and actively be working against CBD. After all, its a completely natural option, and has the potential to take away a large share of their market. What's more, you cant patent a plant, so they cant make money from it.

With CBD, what’s important is finding an ethical company that sells effective, broad-spectrum CBD at a dose that works. But four years ago when I looked for a product like that for Biscuit, it didn't exist…

So, I decided to make a CBD oil for Biscuit myself.

I was lucky that I had enough savings to live off of (at least for a little while) while I focused on making Biscuit’s CBD oil full-time.

I spent thousands of hours working with chemists and veterinarians to make sure I was sourcing the best ingredients and that I got the dosage right for all sizes of pets. 

Relievet Lab San Diego

Picture: Chris (left) - Relievet Lab in San Diego

By the end of it I had a product I was happy with, but I wasn't ready to give it to Biscuit. It was time for testing; human testing.

Thankfully, no humans were harmed. It was Biscuits turn.

She lapped it right up. Probably because, unlike other pet CBD companies in 2018, I didn't use stinky hemp seed oil as the carrier.

I used USDA Organic Coconut MCT oil, which not only tastes great, it actually helps CBD be absorbed more effectively, before being burned off as energy.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night if I selfishly created scientifically-backed CBD products just for my own dog. I didn't want my fellow pet parents to be tricked by shady companies trying to make a quick buck. That’s how Relievet was born.

While Biscuit has since passed on over the rainbow bridge, it is testimonials like the ones below that kept me going:

I feel blessed to have so many happy customers. Helping so many pet families has even given me the confidence to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Relievet CBD oil helped Biscuit. Soon after she started taking it, she was a happy dog again, with as much energy as she had had when she was years younger. I believe it helped her live life to the fullest, and I like to think it kept her active all the way up until she was almost 15 years old. Taking CBD oil twice a day became part of her routine, and I like to think she knew it helped.

Now that you understand Biscuit’s story, I can get back to those Canadian earthworms I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

See, there was a life-long study done on these worms (the only one of it’s kind so far). The worms given a specific lifelong dose of CBD ended up living 18% longer than their non-CBD taking counterparts. Not only that, but they were more than twice as active in the later stages of their lives⁷.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I pride myself on honestly educating people on CBD, so I’ve got to say this worm study MIGHT not mean anything for you or your pets. But it COULD mean a lot.

To me, the logic of it makes sense, even if the rigorous science hasn’t caught up with it. Studies indicate CBD can influence seizures. Other studies indicate that CBD has an effect on blood-sugar/insulin (though I’ll be one of the first to admit more in depth research needs to be done on this.)

Something else that has an effect on both seizures and blood-sugar are low-carb, or keto diets. The ketogenic diet was originally invented for human seizure patients; It is also hypothesized to cause increased life-span and even slow down aging. Ergo, CBD and the ketogenic diet might work on the same or similar mechanisms in the body.

Another reason CBD might promote health is perhaps even more obvious: CBD can help ease pain (both mental and physical) and eased pain = happier animals. And it’s common sense that happier animals tend to live longer!

It’s up to you what you do with this information I’ve presented to you. You can choose to just go about your day and forget about your pets. You can choose not to believe me. You can choose to try another CBD company. But you won’t find a CBD Pet company with more heart and passion for helping pets than Relievet.

We’re a small team, and unlike every other company I know of, we make our products in-house. Another thing that makes us different is that in order to keep the prices down for our customers, we design our products to deliver the minimum amount of CBD needed to be effective. Saving you money in the long term.

If you’re interested in Relievet, you should know that right now we only sell directly out of our lab in San Diego and also online.

Unfortunately, we can’t sell Relievet in most pet stores because our science-based dosing means that in order to properly provide CBD to stores, they would need to carry 41 different variants of our products, which is simply not feasible for most pet stores because of the shelf space it would take alone.

You’ve got nothing to lose if you give Relievet CBD Oil a try. I’m so confident in our formulation that I offer a one of a kind money-back guarantee; if you don’t see results, you don’t pay.

Thanks for reading. I wish you and your fur-family the best, no matter what you decide. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at

chris and gravy

Author: Chris Kjolseth - CEO | Relievet 
I am a pet parent to a dog and two cats. My passion for animals has led to decades of experience in farming, formulation, and the manufacturing of CBD products for an array of animals.