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Why do we use a plastic dropper?

We use a plastic dropper for your pets safety. CBD oil is absorbed most efficiently through sublingual application (under the tongue). With our plastic graduated dropper you can safely get the oil in your pets mouth. It also has raised plastic graduations for an accurate dose and so that no ink sits in the oil. 

Can CBD oil make my dog more anxious?

Relievet products do not contain THC and all ingredients are non intoxicating so it should not cause anxiety. Some CBD products for dogs contain THC which is an intoxicating substance, in theory it is possible that in large enough doses products containing THC (full spectrum) could cause anxiety.

Can I fail a drug test due to handling Relievet CBD products?

No, our products do not contain any THC.


Is Relievet CBD oil safe for humans?

Yes, as Relievet CBD for Pets is made from the highest quality ingredients and has been thoroughly tested. We do not recommend it for human consumption for liability reasons. 

Will CBD oil make my pet high? 

No, Relievet CBD oil for pets is non psychoactive as it is made with Broad Spectrum CBD Oil which doesn't contain any THC.




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