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CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs And Cats

Dosage Calculator

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog Or Cat?

For anyone who is considering trying (or has already tried) CBD for their dog or cat, this question will surely come up. It's not exactly easy to answer either, this is because there is no standard CBD dosage for dogs, cats, or people.

We will show you how to calculate an effective dose of CBD for your dog or cat based on their weight. We will also explain why we recommend that dose and give you three ways to find the CBD dosage for your dog or cat.


Essential Facts About CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats

The Type Of CBD Will Affect The Dose

This study found that Broad-spectrum CBD extracts (which we use in our products) are much more effective than CBD isolate, meaning you will need less to achieve the same results. 

The Way You Give CBD To Your Dog Or Cat Will Affect The DoseCBD oil under dogs tongue

CBD Oil absorbed under your dog's tongue (sublingual) will be more bioavailable (12-35%) than if applied to the skin or eaten (4-20%). 

There Is No Universal Effective Dose Of CBD For Dogs And Cats

This 2017 review of many CBD studies found it to be a relatively safe treatment for humans. It also noted that different animals (and people) found CBD effective at different dosages. 

Particle Size Will Impact The Bioavailability Of CBD When Digested

CBD oil has low bioavailability when digested by your dog (4-20%). One way to improve bioavailability through digestion is to make the particles smaller, into what is called a nano-emulsion. 

If you cannot get your dog to take the oil under their tongue, you could give them Relievet CBD hemp chews for dogs, which feature a CBD nano-emulsion. 

CBD Can Be Effective For Different Ailments At Different Dose Levels

This study found that CBD can be an effective anti-anxiety treatment for dogs at a low dosage, yet ineffective at a high dosage. 

According to the only approved human CBD drug, the results are opposite for seizures; they recommend a far higher dose for seizures than for other ailments. 

Many studies for cancers like sarcoma in dogs have used a variety of different dosages. 

CBD Is Expensive

I'm sure you don't want to waste money by purchasing a product with more CBD than your pet needs; it is for this reason that we have multiple products for dogs and cats of all sizes.


Choosing A CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs And Cats

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs and Cats

If you have shopped for CBD, either for yourself or for your pets, you will know that the manufacturers recommended dosage can vary wildly.

The only approved CBD drug for humans recommends a dosage range of 1mg/kg/day all the way up to 20mg/kg/day.

On the other end of the spectrum, some companies are recommending a dosage 100 times less than this amount.

We have found from customer feedback, research, and personal experience that the effective dosage tends to fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

The most important thing to know about CBD dosage for dogs and cats is "start low and increase if needed."

The dosage and bioavailability of CBD are affected by so many factors that there is no one size fits all solution to dosage. Therefore, we recommend a product strength and dosage range based on your pets' weight.


How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog Or Cat?

We recommend a daily dose between 0.3mg/CBD/kg and 2mg/CBD/kg for your dog or cat. This translates to 3 daily doses of 0.05mg/CBD/lb - 0.3mg/CBD/lb.

It is safe to go higher than this if you feel it necessary, usually for severe pain, severe inflammation, or seizures.

We use a completely THC free Broad-spectrum CBD extract in our products; you might want to use a different dosage for a CBD isolate product.


How To Calculate A Dose Of CBD Oil For Your Dog Or Cat

Finding the correct dosage of CBD Oil for dogs and cats will require a little more work; this is because every product contains a different amount of CBD per ml.

Here are three ways to calculate the dosage of CBD Oil for your dog or cat:

Dosage Calculator

Let the dosage calculator at the top of this page do the work for you. If you input your animal type and weight, it will give you a product and dosage recommendation.

Keep in mind this calculator is designed to find dosages for Relievet CBD oils. If your product has a different concentration of CBD, you will have to manually calculate it (we explain how to do this later).

Dosage Table

Find your dog or cat's weight on our dosage table and then check to see the recommended Relievet CBD oil product (on the left) and dose range (on the right).

The dose you see can be given to your pet 2/3 times day, or as needed. Don't worry about being accurate to 2 decimal places, that level of accuracy is not necessary, but get as close as you can.

Yet again, this option will only work for products with 5mg, 13.3mg, 26.7mg, and 50mg of CBD per ml. If your product is a different strength, you can learn how to calculate it manually in the next section.


CBD dosage table for Dogs and Cats

Manually Calculate The Dosage

If you have a different strength of CBD product and would like to find out how much to give your dog or cat, you can follow these steps:

For this example, we will start with a dose of 1mg/kg a day and a dog weighing 10lb. The sample product has 150mg of CBD and a total volume of 30ml for a concentration of 5mg/ml/CBD (150/30). We will use a 1ml plastic dropper to give the dog oil under her tongue.

  1. Convert your dog’s weight to kg: 10lb/2.2 = 4.5kg
  2. 4.5kg x 1mg/kg dose = 4.5mg of CBD a day for our dog.
  3. To get a dose of 4.5mg/CBD from our 5mg/CBD/ml oil: 4.5/5 = 0.9ml
  4. 9ml is the total daily dose, so we divide it by two to get a twice-daily dose of 0.45ml
  5. A little under half of our 1ml dropper should be filled with CBD oil and placed under our dogs' tongue twice a day. Don't worry about being super accurate here, but try to get close.
  6. Monitor your pet and adjust the dosage.


Remember: "Start low and increase if needed."


How To Administer CBD Oil To Your Dog Or Cat

CBD dropper for dogs and cats

You have some options here; they are:

  • Glass dropper – we don't recommend this option due to the obvious safety concerns of glass near your pets' mouth. If you are dropping oil on your dog's food, this would be ok but keep in mind when eaten, only a meager amount of CBD is absorbed.
  • Oral Syringe – This is a safe option, but 1ml oral syringes tend to break after a single-use, its also tough to get an accurate dose with the sturdier 3ml version.
  • Plastic Dropper – This is our preferred method as it is durable, easy to use, and safe for
    your pets. Relievet CBD oils for dogs and cats come with a 1ml plastic dropper with raised plastic 0.25ml graduations. It's also important to note than some plastic droppers come with ink graduation markings on them, the ink will likely wipe off after a couple of uses and end up in the oil.


Can Dogs Or Cats Overdose On CBD?

In one human study, a dose of 1200mg CBD/day was taken by two people for 24 days. That is almost a whole bottle of our 1500mg CBD oil for extra-large dogs a day. Amazingly, even at this very high dose, they did not suffer any side effects. Would the results be the same for our pets?

I think it's vital that we clarify there is a difference between CBD and THC. They are both found in the marijuana/ hemp plants, along with over 150 other compounds. So far, studies show CBD is relatively safe for humans and animals. THC, while safe for humans, is toxic for pets. Small amounts don't cause significant problems, but large amounts can be hazardous, even causing death in rare cases. 

Your pet is very unlikely to get hurt by eating CBD products as they are usually hemp-derived, meaning they contain less than 0.3% THC. These extreme cases typically occur when a dog eats marijuana-derived edibles or flowers, which have a very high concentration of THC (20%+).

We make our products with a Broad-spectrum CBD extract, this contains CBD along with many other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, but no THC.

Signs That You May Be Giving Your Dog Or Cat Too Much CBD

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight change

If you notice any of these side effects, we recommend that you reduce the dosage of CBD. If they persist, you should contact your veterinarian.


We always recommend you contact your veterinarian before giving any new supplement or medication to your dog or cat.


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