Jasmine the Cockatoo is Transformed to a New Bird Thanks to Relievet CBD for Pets

Jasmine the Cockatoo is Transformed to a New Bird Thanks to Relievet CBD for Pets

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Steve very kindly has allowed us to share his story about Jasmine and emails he has sent to us. Here is our first email from him:

I have attached some photos of my poor Goffin. We have had her for just over ten years, and back then when we got her she was full feathered, and flew around inside our home. Then about three years later she began to feather pick and even do mutilation of her legs where she would bleed. Then she began to pick her tail feathers out to the point of ripping emerging tail feathers, and bleeding all over the cage and outside when we, my wife and I had her out. Jasmine would scream out when she ripped them out by the roots. This has been a problem for the last seven years, but as of the last 3 years it has taken a very bad turn.

bird plucking

Not only has she completely destroyed the ability to grow new tail feathers she has gone farther to rip out the flesh of her tail. She has just over the last couple days ripped out the preening gland completely… Gone, completely gone… And her wound is very deep. If she digs deeper to the bone she is gone as bird.

bird severe plucking goffin featherless

We have taken her to the Vet many times and everything, every medication that they gave us has been to no avail. I have searched the Internet to see if others have had Goffins that go to mutilation of their tails to the point of tearing out the flesh, ripping out the preening gland. (She used to preen, but seven years ago she began to rip out her feathers than to preen them.)

female goffin feather plucking

… Your CBD is Jasmine’s last hope. It will be hard for us to see her die, tearing her flesh out.

Here is the update we got from him telling us that our new dosing was working:

The 150 mg per oz is WORKING !

For the last three weeks I gave every evening four to five drops in a teaspoon in her favorite baby food and the results are amazing. Her feathers are coming back, and the terrible deep wound that was her tail is healing now, It has closed up to a slit. But she has removed her preen gland and the root bulbs of her tail feathers and she will never grow a full tail again.

But she is a different bird now. Her temper had changed, and she is much easier to handle. I could not touch her before without getting a severe bite. Now I can. I tried the fringgy color from Diane at Birdsupplies.com and, try though I might Jasmine would not take it. And even now with CBD every night she does not like it on her neck, and won’t allow it.

But I see that CBD at 150 mg per oz that you suggested over the original 30 mg per oz that did nothing, the higher dose works.

See the three photos that I took today that I have attached. Jasmine is a difficult bird to take a photo of. She sees the camera and messes up my shots of her. If you recall I sent photos of her before using your CBD oil. The change is very apparent now.

bird feathers growing back after plucking

If this dose holds up I will be placing orders for the 150 mg per oz from now on. So far I see no adverse effects other than the positive ones in her temperament, self mutilation, and feather plucking.”

Steven included photos with his first email to us, and also photos in the email to us where he showed us Jasmine’s recovery.

bird recovering from severe plucking

I emailed to ask him for permission to share and he agreed and also gave me more details:

Yes, absolutely, post my story. I think there were a couple spelling errors in it.

“My bird was really close to”doing her self in.” It was really tragic to see her do this to body. That tail wound was so bad that the vet we took her to told us that he have never seen mutilation like it in a bird. It was deep beyond the skin and into the flesh and fat of her tail. He even thought that maybe it was cancer. When Jasmine picked at this wound, she would bleed profusely and I wondered each time if she would then go into shock from loss of blood.

But now she is on the way to recovery. I am amazed at how well she has responded to your CBD!

fix plucking in birds

The first photos I took months ago vs the ones I took yesterday reveal the difference, the higher dose of 4 drops 150 mg per oz versus 4 and more drops 30 mg per oz CBD before evening the reason.

I see no adverse effects on Jasmine who weighs 290 grams other than she is now a “normal” bird.

I will be keeping you updated as to her improvement when I place a order for the 150 mg per ox bottle in a month. I keep my hopes high that her improvement will continue.

All said, she still has a bit of temper, but not near as ornery as before.”

Trichotillomania Study that suggests that CBD can help humans with compulsive hair plucking, which may help explain why CBD might help birds with compulsive feather destruction:

biscuits story

Biscuit's Story

Christopher Kjolseth | CEO, Relievet

To say Biscuit lived an active life would be an understatement. Ever since she was a puppy, she’d spend her days running and playing. I’d take her on walks, to the beach, and to dog parks.​​

Unfortunately, at age 10, she started to limp after trips to the dog park. It broke my heart to see her in pain doing what she loved the most. I started feeding her a raw food diet and added high-quality supplements to ensure her nutritional needs were met.

Unfortunately, while she loved the food, the limping persisted. My pets are my children. I want the best for them, so when it came to researching what would be best for Biscuit, I went all in and got obsessed.

I read literally hundreds of studies, and the more I learned, the more concerned I became about my options. But I wasn’t ready to give up hope for Biscuit yet...

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